what is the difference between a projection tv and a flat panel tv?

Question by Flanktatomore: what is the difference between a projection tv and a flat panel tv?
I am looking to buy a tv for my house. I want to know what the difference is between a projection tv and a flat panel tv?

What type of tv do you recommend?

Is there a tv that you recommend that is reasonable in price?

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Answer by Leo W
A Flat Panel TV uses LCD Technology or Plasma Technology. Back when the frenzy first started, There were major pros and cons for buying either. However, currently, it is simply a matter of preference. Many will say that Plasmas produce richer Blacks. I own both, and see no discernable difference. The biggest noticable diffrence currently is the weight. Plasmas are VERY heavy.

Projection TVs are just that. A small projector inside of the television project the image onto the display INTERNALLY. Because a certain amount of distance is required for this projection,these tvs are nowhere nearly as thin as LCDs or Plasmas, and can not be wall mounted. They also do not have wide viewing angles. When you look at a projection outside of the recommended viewing angle, the picture seems dark or duller, and the colors are not nearly as bright. Most newer LCDs and Plasmas have a nearly 180 degree viewing angle (Half Circle) so that from any angle on the display side of the TV the picture is visible,and clear, and crisp.

I recommend LCD as they are lighter, and also unlike plasma, they do not suffer from glare when in a brightly lit room. Just ensure you future proof yourself and get a 1080p (progressive). This is currently the highest resolution available. If you have a little more cash to blow, look for a television with a 120hz refresh rate. These tend to display fast action images such as sports or action movies better, and does not leave little trails behind ( in general you rarely notice them on a quality set, regardless of your refresh rate).

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