What is a good gaming LCD tv?

Question by Mr. Right: What is a good gaming LCD tv?
I want to buy a new tv, and I am thinking LCD because I hear plasmas get pictures frozen in them. I play online games and don’t want a lag so what is a good gaming tv? I only want a 32inch. Also i was wondering if a 60hz will be fine for online?

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Answer by pspsilverafro
Most popular right now is Vizio. They are actually great for gaming, because they have 120Hz.

120Hz is actually important (or a refresh rate of under 4milliseconds, they both will do the same thing), for gaming.. because of the moving pictures. It will look slightly blurry whenever you are moving while playing a game. (I can see a HUGE difference, others might not but I do).

Go with a 120Hz 32″ Vizio LCD

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2 comments to What is a good gaming LCD tv?

  • xwolf  says:

    Sharp Aquos, you will never regret it. Smooth pixel & fast response time.

    It’s true, lcd is better for gaming rather than plasma. Lcd has better overall performance than plasma for gaming. For plasma burn-in (frozen) problem, generally plasma burn in issue problem is not a problem anymore with the newest best plasma brand as pioneer & panasonic. But plasma doesn’t have 32″. Their minimum is 40″ and above.

    60hz is fine for gaming. Some game like gears of war 2 is even required you to turn off the 120hz feature because it makes the control a bit of lag. 120hz is best for movies, not games. It’s just an add bonus for gaming.

  • jay mc  says:

    i just bought a tv with a 120hz but it hasnt been shipped to my house yet. if you can get a 120 hz for a good price then u may as do it. right now i have a 32in sharp aquous 1080p 60hz and it works great for games and for online. i also use it as my computer monitor. you can get a really good deal at the dell website on a 42in philips with 120hz and a 2m/s response time. that’s the one i just bought. it’s listed at $ 999 but i bought it yesterday and it had a $ 200 discount and theres also a 5% coupon you can use that expires the 21st. i havent seen it in person but i have doing a lot of research on it and it does have good reviews and very good specs. also the philips name is a pretty good name brand i believe. good luck with what you decide

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