Untitled Predator Fan Film

Untitled Predator Fan Film

This was a fun project that we shot over the course of three days on a 0 budget. Wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support from the cast an…

This way up HD - Amazing Animation Short Film

A.T Shank & Son have a bad day at the parlour when a falling boulder flattens their hearse. Emotional and literal pitfalls lie in wait for the odd couple as …

16 comments to Untitled Predator Fan Film

  • Tatooine Sandtrooper  says:

    If it’s 1944, why did I see a AK47…??

  • John Belt  says:

    In WW2 the US military was segregated. There were no black soldiers in
    combat units.?

  • joe man  says:

    Faggits with faaaaaaar too much free time!?

  • briandude100  says:

    this was better than Predators 2010 movie….?

  • Erik Rieder  says:

    Don’t know how old this is but thought of share.?

  • Ishtarru  says:

    Honestly, do any predators actually follow that “No killing while cloaked”
    rule from the Yautja Honor Code??

  • Drogoththedragonlord  says:

    What was the budget for this film, cuz it was amazing!? I am not quite sure
    about the behaviour of the predator though. It wouldn’t just charge in and
    fight two at once, it would use ranged attacks or pick them off one by one,
    especially if they were separated. Also if the predator did feel cocky and
    would take on two at once then it wouldn’t just turn off its invisibility
    and/or take its mask off for no reason. Finally even if it did get a few
    cuts from their blades it would still fight on – If it can take on a lot if
    beating from aliens (who have probably at least twice the amount of
    strength and cunning than humans) then it can definitely have enough
    strength to damage the humans let alone kill them. All I am saying is that
    the predator would not have died that easy. Otherwise the movie is fine.
    😉 ?

  • cameron slade  says:

    It was great but that predator would shrek them

  • Damion Ponzi  says:

    would be a lot nicer had it been more original.?

  • Phil YurName  says:

    America and Japan takin on Predators?

  • Mad Max Rockatansky  says:

    movie sins”

    1) Guy picks random object on the ground (how did he se that?)
    2) Copying Predator 1 when guy feels presence in trees
    3) Soldiers try to capture Japanese soldier instead of killing him instantly
    4) Blame the jap for hanged bodies cliché
    5) Predator begins killing spree before jap kills himself cliché
    6) Copying Predator 1 when guy makes off shirt to face Predator (why would
    he do that? Makes no sense)
    7) Copying Predator 1 when guy jumps to river
    8) Guy watches photo of wife/girlfriend/fiancé/mother cliché
    9) Predator takes his mask away when guy is not a worthy opponent
    10) Jap comes to rescue cliché
    11) Jap and soldier become friends cliché

    11 sins this movie has.?

  • wilson gurung  says:

    at the end,they thought it was over but more predators came.THEY R

  • jose andujar  says:

    Much hate comments from people who did or never are going to do a short
    film, hate me but to me is better short movie that alien vs predator 2 as a
    full movie. ?

  • Kubanito2020  says:

    why does predator kill humans? ?

  • Hedro Juarez  says:

    This fan film is almost as good as Batman Dead End and way better to AVP
    fucking movies…?

  • Yves Charpentier  says:

    Well done considering the means available?

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