Toshiba L1400U LED TV Review

Hands on review of the Toshiba L1400U LED TV. Full review: Model tested: Toshiba 50L1400U Should also be valid for the 32″ (32L1400U),…

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3 comments to Toshiba L1400U LED TV Review

  • ShawnZhiro  says:

    anyone know if this tv is good for gaming? like ps4, im a casual gamer?

  • garpthehero333  says:

    how do you make this hd? mine is stuck on 480?

  • Phatsnake  says:

    Great review. I bought the TV and tested it with a number of gaming
    consoles and the motion blur was a major issue, just like you said. My eyes
    hurt after playing for a few minutes. The picture quality is good with
    still pictures or slow scenes, but once you play a game or watch a fast
    scene the blur starts to kick in. I called Toshiba customer support and
    after a brief troubleshooting process they told me that the 40L1400 was
    incompatible with game consoles in HDMI mode which is laughable because the
    they brag about the TV’s game mode on Amazon and Toshiba’s official website.

    I realize game mode mainly reduces input lag but you’d think a TV with
    these gaming technologies would display your games better.?

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