“Too Shy” Short Film (2011)

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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41 comments to “Too Shy” Short Film (2011)

  • Alain Diaz  says:

    Do yo think shyness is a feminine trait ??

  • peppercollee  says:

    +Annie Sudhakaran ?

  • Jays Norman  says:

    This one really hit close to home… im a shy guy, and I usually miss out
    on things because im afraid to say a thing. Now that im graduating I regret
    to say I missed on so many chances and opportunities, I wish that I could
    turn back time and say what I wanted to say. But now all I can do is say
    what I need today and the next, so not to miss that next chances….?

  • Klaus St√∂rtebeker  says:

    so, why did he picture himself becoming a lefty by getting old??

  • Matt Foley  says:

    I gotta stop watching these sappy videos. They’re depressing the hell out
    of me.?

  • Rob Reid  says:

    I felt the same way with this girl Lauren, then I asked her out, we had
    great times. I went to her pageants, movie dates, etc but she one day
    called me to tell me it was over and I keep crying at night because she
    promised that we can be friends still but every time I try to talk to her
    she will ignore me and I know that I have lost the greatest person I’ve
    ever had and will ever had?

  • LongLiveFor13  says:

    At the end I thought there will be his Ring in her Finger !?

  • Anandhu  says:

    i wanna tel ma gurl dat shis mor than just a bitch, but i couldnt i waz 2
    shy :(?

  • Olivia White  says:

    I’m extremely shy unless I’m with my friends

  • JENNIFER F  says:

    OMG ;( so beautiful <3 ?

  • Idk idc  says:

    I love when guys are shy. x3 ‘Cause I’m shy too :D?

  • Savan Rajput  says:

    i feel like stealing his poem?

  • Amit Chauhan  says:
  • ? Hey Kitty Hi Human ?  says:

    you cry = you relate ?

  • Charlotte Goode  says:

    Omg soooo sad?

  • aj boy  says:

    im sorry but she died at 69 did anyone else laugh at that ?

  • Jess Mosely  says:

    ‘Your going to die at 69’ ?

  • nathaniel padilla  says:

    I’ve had the hugest crush on this girl and Tbh she s very sweet but I just
    can’t tell if she likes me and it hurts so bad cause I really wanna know
    she’s told me she seen me as a friend but I feel something about us when I
    see her she smiles a lot and so on and it makes me think maybe she wants to
    give me a chance what do I do???:(?

  • Mary Wilkes  says:

    Omg. ?

  • Sarah Tsimmerman  says:

    69 wooooow?

  • Kat Vela  says:

    I cried to much.?

  • Wajid Riaz  says:

    Roberta I wish you could understand me :(?

  • Johnny Andrade  says:

    What a lovely film. Really touching!!?

  • anbu s  says:

    Sun tv

  • Narendra Mishra  says:
  • walex kay  says:

    Want sex film?

  • Yoginder Misra  says:


  • peter roswe  says:

    Anger fuck?

  • monstercichlidkeeper  says:



    Thakur Divyansh?

  • mohammed saeed  says:
  • Roopesh B S  says:

    kandal ariyam our theruve vedi. ?

  • Srinu V  says:
  • Ridoy Emrul  says:


  • Ali Kumail  says:
  • midhun chandran  says:


  • S. bhaskara rao  says:
  • karun kr  says:


  • jai joseph  says:

    What is this..? Stupid…?

  • Ramakrishna Vangala  says:
  • anil kumar  says:

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