The Running Man (Global Racing) – rare animation

I uploaded this little known cartoon by Yoshiaki Kawajiri because you can’t find it anywhere. Totally brilliant story and animation. Do you understand what t…
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  • modsleix6  says:

    Awesome anime short. I recorded this way back when I saw it aired on MTV’s Liquid? Television. I prefer the voice actor in this than in some of the other clips here on YouTube. Totally cool upload. Nod in your direction.

  • MrWitchman1967  says:

    saw this on liquid television, back when MTV was cool.
    thanks? for the post..

  • anthony bianconi  says:

    Can anyone list any other anime that has this type of feel and that of Akira? I want to watch? this stuff I just don’t know what to look for

  • James Mendoza  says:

    First 40 seconds? reminds me of Kubrick’s Space Odessey

  • JJRTheGreaterGood  says:

    Awesome! I too have been looking out for this story for quite some time..And true, first time I seen it was? Liquid Television..really stands out above the rest..Thank you for posting and appreciate the info of the Artist.

  • okohiaj  says:


  • dreekd80  says:

    4:20 – WORST.CONSTIPATION. EVER. Seriosly though, thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking for it? for years! Fantastic!

  • badbob099  says:

    Zack hugh? has the power to levitate anything. He uses the power to destroy his competition. The ghost are the drivers he killed he tried to stop them but he took his own life.

  • silentiumestaureum93  says:

    Can anyone explain what happened to Zack Hugh? What was the ghost? at the end he caught up with??

  • rekrings  says:

    I remember this was the first short I saw on liquid television and everything after this was a? complete let down (except for Beavis and Butthead)

  • Achivai  says:

    My friend thinks this animation might have something to do with the stress- and harmful? work-environment in Japan. I think he may be on to something.

  • Ursitrite  says:

    This video? is fucking amazing– I’m not usually of fan of anime for a number of reasons but this story is haunting and the animation is so much smoother than most Japanimation. Thanks for posting this. I vaguely remember seeing this in the 90’s on MTV.

  • b75s  says:

    Crossover,? glad you uploaded this and left out the extended Mtv or any other tv show music credit outro at the end, those music outros really destroys the sad effect on this short film. I like how after the violin music at the end it suddenly become quiet, really gives that ‘moment of silent feel’ for Zach Hugh.

  • DommageCollateral  says:

    i think people want this? to be unseen, because its out of a time when the system was feared by people because of too much might, so people made songs and films about apocalyptical situations

  • Tom Cruise  says:

    Damn? straight. Fans of contemporary, big eyed cutey bollocks need to give anime like this some serious attention.

  • Christopher Lee Mannix  says:

    This animation isn’t “rare” per se at all! It’s part of a film called “Neo Tokyo” (which is available on Amazon if you wish to buy it (I highly recommend you do)), that came out in the late 80’s/early 90’s. This segment was just one of three? in the film (which was a sort of anime “Heavy Metal” in that it is one film featuring segments from different creators). It has, to my knowledge, never been difficult to acquire. Video stores I worked in b4 the interweb age always had a copy as well.

  • spid3r774  says:

    I have looked for this? for years Thank you for posting this

  • PlasticBeach666  says:

    “They say Death catches up with all of us but I guess he caught up with Death instead.” I can’t remember where? I read that but it was rather appropriate.

  • Dane Warren  says:

    That anime there? makes me feel old as dirt…and I’m only 29.

  • AColonDashSix  says:

    Damn this is like if ninja scroll, blade runner, f-zero, and akira all fucked this would be? the kid.
    MTV needs more shit like this, fuck reality TV

  • greg0879  says:

    Love the violin at the end. ? If anyone knows if that music is available or what the title is, I would great appreciate it.

  • allrequiredfields  says:

    Can you believe MTV used? to have taste?

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