The Great Gatsby – Extended TV Spot feat. Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” “The Great Gatsby” directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In th…

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42 comments to The Great Gatsby – Extended TV Spot feat. Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”

  • crazzay2010  says:

    It was great, I saw? it

  • TheKlassens  says:

    After tim burtons alice in wonderland, THIS is the best movie i’ve? ever seen

  • TheMusicfreak8888  says:

    Amazing? movie

  • JAY GATSBY  says:

    i agree,? old sport

  • Jay Gatsby  says:


  • fet092  says:

    Love Leonardo?

  • Lauryn Stephenson  says:

    lana del? rey is perfect.

  • Ana Paula  says:

    Lana? del Ret must have an OSCAR for best soundtrack

  • ravizin12345  says:


  • HeyyItsDoddy  says:

    1:14 that’s one? of my favourite scenes with the flashback:( great movie

  • TigerBabe179  says:

    I like? Carey mulligans hair I wanna try a pixie cut but I dunno…. This looks like a very sad movie

  • Gennilyn Ettienne  says:

    leo must get an? oscar

  • Rose Fern  says:

    Beautifully sad song to a beautifully sad story. “His dream must have seemed so? close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him.” :'(

  • Proud2BeMuslimaah  says:

    This movie was incredible! Much brilliant than I? had expected!!

  • Martin Zahradn√≠?ek  says:

    one of the? best movie i’ve ever seen!

  • NAJI HEIDARI  says:

    The most beautiful movie i? have ever seen

  • ??? ?????  says:

    lana? lana lana <3

  • Brooklynn Crane  says:

    Loved and? hated this movie so much

  • aurora tumminello  says:

    Best soundtrack? ever

  • Pamela Carter  says:

    Hauntingly beautiful. ??

  • k piku  says:

    It’s so beautiful.?

  • oscarivans  says:

    The best soundtrack oscar for Lana? del Rey

  • Auntie67  says:

    I think she’s not such a monster as some people make her be. She’s selfish in many ways, thats true, and she’s not courageous enough to follow her real feelings, but most of all she’s confused. She’s overwhelmed with Gatsby’s love and expectations, vulnerable and therefore easy to manipulate. I don’t want to defend her, obviously Gatsby’s character is far more vulnerable and tragic, but Daisy, however vain and selfish she may be, is also a very sad? and tragic character.

  • bulltrunch  says:

    well sadly we may not for this film because it only got 51% on Rotten Tomatoes I know it sucks but I? agree I think he should get an Oscar even if it didn’t get high ratings I still say he should hes a very talented actor.

  • Jada Reece  says:

    I love? stuff like this from Shane

  • purplecat1123  says:

    Who else noticed when she stood up they changed? rooms..

  • Najhir Allia  says:

    Wait? but the knife.

  • MrCrappyProduction  says:

    i thought that the girl in the beginning died? like last year

  • Serena Stebbins  says:

    what happened? to the knife

  • DannysDorm  says:

    You love PewDiePie?.. seriously!? well jeez Thats Perfect You’ll love YouTube’s Newest Official Comedy? Series, DannysDorm, as well!

  • mckennacope  says:

    Ahe was? fonna say mexicans

  • mckennacope  says:

    Eat cat shit fagget and when ur done trying to lick ur own asshole r my favorite? lines

  • Sebastian Salomon  says:

    this is so heart felt? with it’s fair share of funny

  • Zhame Stahl  says:

    i wish my mom was like your “mom”? :c

  • Alexiablack101  says:

    Okay ,? if you’re going to leave a mean comment at least spell it right douche bag.

  • Megan sarles  says:

    dosnt gay mean happy? so why is his mom? calling him happy faggot?

  • ThornyStudio  says:

    If? I didn’t have a Demon living inside of me I would favorite this video

  • andy rice  says:

    Hey guys! Recently I found a guy on YouTube whos? pretty funny but doesn’t have a big audience! His names Danomitism!

  • iDanniii  says:

    Thank you Shane for sending a message to those racist people. I am a Muslim and whenever I get accused of something I didn’t do I always have that one person sturring shit up,? but I’ve learned that I shouldn’t let those type of stuff get to me, I know I am stronger than this and that soon the world shall start to realise that everyone has a good side in them. 3

  • saralyn chaikian  says:

    i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Destiny Salazar  says:

    U look sexy with a ring on your? lip

  • Miranda Flores  says:

    ya chloe i would like your? comment if you werent a id fan, “just sayin” haha

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