Television Shows

by AndiH

Television Shows

We all have our favorite television shows that we watch. We all look forward to that certain time of the day or night when we can turn on the television, relax and be entertained by the television shows we like to watch. Some of us can’t go when we miss our television shows and now there’s even tv on the internet for the tv die hard people. I think we all agree that the television is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Television shows have changed dramatically compared to years ago. It used to be that couples on tv couldn’t even sleep in the same bed together. Remember The Lucy Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, those were married couples that slept in two separate beds because the networks thought putting them in the same bed would send the wrong message to viewers.

Television shows have really changed from those days. In today’s television world, there is a lot of sex, violence and swearing. And there is a good amount of partial nudity in many of the shows that are on the major networks. (none cable channels) Forty Years ago, all those things were forbidden, but today they’re pretty much the norm. But one thing is for sure, these things have made television more exciting to watch and it certainly doesn’t hurt the station ratings.

Both television and television shows have made some dramatic changes and have come a long way since tv first made it’s debut. Television went from just three channels to offering almost an endless amount of channels and tv programs to watch. And now you can watch tv on the internet. And today there are almost an unlimited amount of tv shows to choose from and they have become more exciting to watch. There is something for everyone.

Who knows what tv shows are going to be like in another 40 years and who knows how we’ll be watching them. One thing is certain, with the technology that keeps coming out and with tv on the internet, the tv shows are going to get even more exciting and unbelievable than they have the last 40 years.

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