Take Your Time Back From the Television

There are many articles on personal finance tips that involve cutting out the cable in your home in order to save yourself a lot of cash throughout the year. While this can be a wonderfully cut to make your finances stronger and your debt smaller, cutting out the tube can be a major change in many people’s lives. However, not only can cutting out the cable be a way to improve your financial situation, it can also be the ultimate way to increase the productivity in your life.

How many times have you heard or even said that there is just never enough time in your day, your week, your year to get accomplished what you need to get done? Then consider how many hours a day you watch television. Chances are good that in actuality, you have the time to do what needs to get done if you turn off the tube.

Television for many is a distraction. It is thought that television helps you to relax, but the truth is that it does just the opposite. It gets you keyed up and that is why it is recommended that you don’t watch television before going to bed. In studies conducted with people who watch several hours of television every day, it is those couch potatoes who prove to be the most unhappy in their lives.

Consider all the things that you could be doing, particularly related to living a debt-free life. Instead of sitting for hours watching the soaps and the talk shows, start thinking of ways to improve your life, decrease your debt, and do away with the cable for good.

Here is a starting list of ideas that you could do to improve your life and your finances by turning off the television:

Family Time

There can be a lot of positive rewards that stem from close family ties. Instead of “bonding” over an evening of sitcoms, put in some more quality family time. When the weather is good, go to the park, take a hike, play outside like you did when you were a kid. Too many kids are wasting their youth sitting in front of the television but with parents who get up and move, the kids will have a positive role model to follow in their lives. Plus, everyone will benefit from the interaction that doesn’t involve television or video games. The more creative play you can come up with, the less money you need to spend on outside entertainment for bored kids.

School Time

If you had some extra hours in the day that could be turned into an opportunity to make more money, wouldn’t you take it? Everyone wants to make more money but not everyone possesses the educational background necessary to move on up in the working world. Stop procrastinating and get back to the books. Earning a better degree or choosing to study in a different field that could be more lucrative is a much better way to spend your time than if you continue to channel surf.

Work Time

Many people think they need to get a new job in order to make more money, but there may be ways to do just that at your current workplace. Could you work some over time? Learn new skills for the promotion? Get a leg up by doing extra work? If any of these things are possible at your current job then get on it. Do not come home and veg out in front of the television when you could be earning extra cash to reduce your debts.

Reading Time

If you feel the need to be carried away to different lands, find a book. You can learn a lot by reading. You will improve your reading and language skills and it is a great way to spend a sunny weekend in the hammock, finding true relaxation. There are some incredible books out there, both fiction and non-fiction, discover them today.

Reward Time

While cutting the cable may seem like a drastic measure, it doesn’t have to mean that you never turn the television on again. If you have a membership to a video club, in a addition to renting the movies you want to watch for a bit of entertainment, you can also rent the series television shows you liked to watch in the past. It’s a great way to watch your favorite shows and the best part is there are no commercials. You’ll end up wasting less time watching what you love.

Tisha Kulak Tolar is a writer for DebtFreeDestiny.com where she regularly writes about debt consolidation, debt settlement and saving money.

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