Sony KDL42W653 | KDL42W654 | KDL32W653 | KDL32W654 | KDL50W656 Full HD LED TV

Sony’s W6 Series offer built in Wi-Fi with internet content streaming services. X-Reality PRO and Full HD resolution bring you a more immersive viewing exper…
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6 comments to Sony KDL42W653 | KDL42W654 | KDL32W653 | KDL32W654 | KDL50W656 Full HD LED TV

  • Raymond Pedrosa  says:

    hi.. I am trying to watch some 1080p movies from usb, however the display
    wont fully fill the screen unless I choose “zoom” option. I don’t like the
    zoom option since it will sacrifice 10% of both sides just to fit the
    screen. I tried the 720p movies and the display fits perfectly without the
    black bars on top and bottom. Is there a way to watch 1080p movies from usb
    in full screen? My tv is Sony KDL42W654A.?

  • monkeh88  says:

    can you connect it with pc??

  • Ozgur Oren  says:

    What is a good tv for gaming on ps4

  • Solid Snake  says:

    Hi, does this TV have a standard headphone socket? and when I’m using that
    socket, is there an option to completely turn the TV’s sound off, while
    only listening through the headphones??

  • swansea007791  says:

    What’s the difference between the kdl32w653 and the kdl32w654? Thank you
    for any response.?

  • DerDreckicheDan  says:

    I’m looking forward to order the KDL 50W656, but I’m a gamer so what about
    the input lag? I won’t buy a TV with input lag higher than 25ms.?

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