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Snakes, lizards, and gators, We’ll bring you along on our journey to one of the biggest reptile shows in the World, the Daytona Reptile Breeders Expo. We’ll show you snakes, lizards, frogs and even aln albino Alligator! Hope you enjoy!SnakeBytesTV is produced by BHB Reptiles, one of the world’s largest snake breeding facilities, and is hosted by Brian Barczyk. New episodes every Wednesday! Follow me at: Facebook me at: Join the shows community and win prizes!
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I was on a TV program on channel 9 Tokyo MX called “The Golden Hour” They have a corner called “Yookoso 9ch” and they are looking for foreigners to appear on the program. You can apply on their website: If you like my enka, please check out my enka channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

41 comments to Snake Bytes TV – Snakes, Lizards and Gators! : SnakeBytesTV

  • Livelavalive274  says:

    Ball python

  • reptileruler95  says:

    Is BHB going to be at the F.I.R.E expo in orlando this weekend?

  • AirsoftShotGunner7  says:

    i like your balls

  • BamMargeraRulez1468  says:

    big snakes because they are cool i have 3 or 4 burms and a retic so they are cool

  • MasterPS3Guy  says:

    testicle blow out 9:55.

  • pinktiger3  says:

    big snakes

  • tommyquantumcroix  says:

    big snakes

  • ivanjordev1997  says:


  • RashaadFxx10  says:

    What is your opinion on housing western hoggnose snakes together

  • prototype615h  says:

    big snakes

  • 10Mymymymy  says:

    big snakes

  • MegaSnakesrule  says:

    thumbs up if you got a ball python

  • Eurostar710  says:

    It looks like you have gotten a new camera, what kind is it, the picture quality is amazing!

  • OtC2471  says:

    big snakes

  • OtC2471  says:

    big snakes

  • imjoedewar  says:

    im thinking about ordering somthing from ur website
    if i did how would it reach my place?

  • EMPERORofHENTAI  says:


    Your voice and singing skill are awesome ?

  • drsnowmon  says:

    Why are you saying Gamsa-ham-nida? that’s ty in Korean but you’re singing enka

  • eliHaatochan  says:

    your voice is just..WOW!! sugoi ne!!

  • jjsakuraiii  says:

    good singing!

  • CatTitBingo  says:

    lol DBZ at 1:01

  • kingofcobwebs  says:

    ????! ! ! (?)
    ???? ????? ????????

  • jkhkitty  says:

    i’m jeleous…. of 2 things. one, your voice. two, you can speak japanese. curse you! i’m off to study!

  • tokutom  says:

    @unholyimage Well it is very patronising,like,1950s,but I must admit I couldn’t help but enjoy it. It’s a bit,like,subtly racist,like in Britain we can be a bit cheeky ourselves.

  • mikofujiify  says:

    omg ur singing wus soo good and ur japanese was awesome i’m actually teaching myself hopefully ill get as good as u

  • JoyceMusicChannel  says:

    You sang it very well!!

  • JoyceMusicChannel  says:

    Hey good job!! Very nice!! I’m glad you could be on TV. What time of the day is the show broadcast? That’s so neat you were on TV!!! 🙂

  • unholyimage  says:

    Aside from being a bit patronizing (what else is new), the show looks fun. You’re voice was great too!

  • unholyimage  says:

    Aside from being a bit patronizing (what else is new), the show looks fun. I think you are a student still, but if you get a full time job with nothing but Japanese people, you’re Japanese will drastically improve.

  • LifeFirst  says:







  • JteeFacey  says:



  • reedsjsa  says:

    You are amazing, Stay safe precious one.

  • LilyOpmac  says:

    WoW Your so brave!

  • spreegrl98  says:

    your voice is sooo pretty! you really do make americans look good and you have such talent!

  • auntbecky  says:

    @TunaHelper64 it’s japanese…….god, i hate when people call them japs……it sounds like a bad ww ii movie.

  • tc2010vancouver  says:

    this is COOL !

  • buraburayoshi  says:

    Wow amazing singer ^^ great job. I can’t believe they just put your e-mail on national t.v. like that….kind of scary. You might get some creepy e-mail from someone. I don’t know just doesn’t see safe.

  • JuNunas2  says:

    Hi! you´re owesome! TwT really cute! .o. and brave… Can i ask you something? n__n did you get a nose job .o.???

  • RainyRaven  says:

    xD that was incredibly funny every answer you gave was greeted with this enormous enthusiasm!

  • GlamourKae  says:

    You’re so good! Makes me want to be an Enka singer. I am also a fan of Jero.

  • kurokimuu  says:


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