Silver Manipulation Exposed on Global Television – Mike Maloney

For more, visit: & How does manipulation of silver prices effect you? In this video with RT Capital Acc…

16 comments to Silver Manipulation Exposed on Global Television – Mike Maloney

  • John Constantine  says:

    “That’s really interesting Mike,” she says talking over him. Then cut to

  • canimakeamill  says:

    Sorry Mike… You appear on Russia Today, you lose all credibility?

  • ian turner  says:


  • Kian Hui Tan  says:

    Slap the host?

  • Rapptor22  says:

    This video is like two years old. Mike, could you please make a video in
    the near future about current status of precious metal pricing??

  • Todd Klimson  says:

    that girl is hot!?

  • gunitbot6  says:

    who are teh idiots buying these iou , paper silver??

  • heymisterderp  says:

    One down year after 12 up years in a row and we go straight to Conspiracy
    Jeezus people, get a grip! If gold and silver are being manipulated now,
    they were being manipulated on the way up too. Grovel with it.
    And hold your gold. You might get cut in half, but anyone can get cut in
    half in screwball markets like these.?

  • Patt SKS  says:

    It’s not going to matter after the collapse. You can’t eat gold or silver.?

  • Federico Welsk  says:

    She has killer legs…?

  • hugh mann  says:

    the f are yiu taslking about yoyu idiots?

  • hugh mann  says:

    theyre not just collecting they are manipulating!!!?

  • Greg B  says:

    Damn, she’s hot.?

  • Sockit2Socko  says:

    I find her annoying?

  • Kimberly Chandler  says:
  • mason72518  says:

    For god sakes stop hunting and speculating do not equal manipulation. The
    bugs need to actually prove manipulation. Being short/selling DOES NOT

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