Samsung LED TV: Inspiring the next

When it comes to home entertainment, an LED TV is the best one can get; and when this television is by Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics, the parameters of excellence are redefined. The LED 8 Series Smart TV is simply as transformative and immersive as an entertainment package can get. The Smart Hub is certainly the factor that makes it stand out from the crowd of other LED TVs. Basically, it is a platform that maximises the scope of all that one can get from the television. One can connect to the internet via the Samsung 8 Series Smart TV, and use features like Search All and Web Browser to find TV-related online content and information, besides helping the user share movies, photos and music. The 3″ touch control interface allows for accessing all the functions of the TV via the Dual View screen and a QWERTY keyboard. There is also a whole new world of possibilities, in the form of the Samsung TV Apps and the Social TV, which basically means that one has plenty to look forward to!
3D viewing certainly seems to be the latest in-thing, and Samsung 8 Series LED TV does not disappoint in that arena. In fact, it is the leader when it comes to bringing alive the experience of watching 3D movies. And in case one wants to watch the regular soap operas, sports broadcasts, etc. in 3D, that too, is possible, thanks to the advancement in technology, brought to reality by Samsung. Accessorising the TV with 3D games and a 3D Blu-Ray disc player only takes the experience further down on the road to awesomeness!
Coming to the design, the Samsung 8 Series LED TV features the ‘One Design’ concept, which combines the screen with an ultra-slim bezel to result in a television that looks as amazing when it’s switched off, as when it is performing at its best! The silver metal outline also does its bit to make the TV look really sophisticated and urbane, to match any kind of decor. What’s more, since it’s extremely light-weight, one can hang it anywhere with ease.
One can connect the Samsung 8 Series LED TV to all the compatible digital devices, which basically facilitates music, photos and music across platforms, without using even a single wire! The AllShare PC software, responsible for this collaboration, can be downloaded via the internet, and also makes the PC content searchable and playable on the TV. One can also connect with friends and family from all over the world, with the Social TV feature, that allows one to chat and blog on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google Talk. Samsung’s bespoke Video On Demand service, Your Video, ensures one gets to see the latest blockbusters, and well as hit flicks from the past, just at the touch of a button. Further, the user ratings and informative synopses also help a great deal in deciding which movie should be watched, making Samsung LED TVs a really smart choice. 

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