6 comments to Samsung LED Smart tv UE32F5500 Unboxing + Test [HD]

  • VEZCeleph  says:


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    The tv has a response time of 12 ms. ?

  • FunkyKawaiiDesu Cat  says:

    Test Far Cry 3 please, or send me a image the tv running the game, because
    the people who say that in some tvs Fc3 not the wheel with complete

  • ZmanTheBurger  says:

    What is the response time?

  • Giovanni Simoes  says:

    Good video, short video, but explaining well, good job.?

  • Dark9999 tecnologia  says:

    Video e um lixo. To querendo pegua essa tela, tem processador dual core.?

  • TheOomen2012  says:

    How many m/s??

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