Samsung F4000 Series 4 HD Ready LED TV

Enjoy great picture quality and over 50 TV channels without a monthly subscription on this good looking Samsung LED TV. Find out more at…
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My 73″ Mitsubishi TV had the HDMI board go out. It was under the extended warranty. They could not get parts for it so they gave me full cost in credit back….

25 comments to Samsung F4000 Series 4 HD Ready LED TV

  • Ser Frank  says:


  • TDCtactical  says:

    +Ret T I have had no issues so far?

  • Jorge Andres Wilches Buitrago  says:

    Que inĂștil tan miserable, no puede ni hacer un unboxing bien.

    K tonto antes no jodio el tv?

  • The Maldives  says:

    Purchased this TV about 2 weeks ago, based on the good reputation of it’s
    predecessor (the 640U), and after a couple tweaks, I’m very pleased overall
    with it.?

  • fuckyourmother1960  says:

    Nice TV ghetto house?

  • Jimboo0825  says:

    Where do you buy these 70″ tv’s?? Best buy and pc Richards don’t even sell
    them that big…?

  • neil1758  says:

    Tv is massive?

  • Gary Wegrzyn  says:

    first you dont need to cut the box second dont take the wrap off it till
    the mount is on it third get a second person so you dont drop it?

  • cingleplayer  says:

    you should have asked for help unboxing the tv dude lol i had back problems
    for about a week when i unboxed my 42 inch tv by my self but im only 145lbs
    so yh lol?

  • Ret T  says:

    Has your 70″ developed any white spots on the screen yet? Seems to be a
    sudden epidemic of the 70″ having this problem. My Sharp 70″ has it and I
    am calling in a warranty claim but I am finding out via Facebook there is
    no repair and Sharp sends refurbished tv’s for claims. Today I went to
    two locations, Costco & Bestbuy and both stores have a 70″ on display and
    both have the white spots on the screen. Not good. ?

  • Mavis Gary  says:

    Shouldn’t have ripped the box, dude. You may need to transport it again in
    the future or sell it.?

  • tokobot  says:

    muy mal ?

  • Ric Encarnacion  says:

    Nice TV dude, I opened the bottom flaps of the box set it on the floor and
    pull the box up. A lot easier than cutting the cardboard.?

  • Dakota P. Anderson  says:


  • Dakota P. Anderson  says:

    Yo this tv is beast man I love ur tv!?

  • JHOSTIN TOLA  says:

    Oh really look this you tube and this is a comment…?

  • joe smith  says:

    how much pot did this guy sell too buy it??

  • Dominick Ray  says:

    I had the same mits 73″ I sold it last week about to buy the 70″ sharp
    since it is a LCD flatsceen I need to know how much smaller is it compared
    the the 73″ I know that’s 3 inches but in reality also how’s the quality
    compared to the old mits?

  • Trentsetta  says:

    does this have the soap opera effect I love the soap opera effect please
    let me know im thinking about buying one in the near future thanks in

  • Fred Theman  says:

    i have a question if you had it all to do over again would you buy another
    tv thanks?

  • Dakota P. Anderson  says:

    You should do a play station 4 or ps3 or Xbox one or Xbox 360 review I
    would love the ps4 review?

  • joe smith  says:

    the box lifts up from the bottom?

  • 408wd1  says:

    get a real tv f8000?

  • aly elbelbessy  says:
  • The Order 1886  says:

    Hows the the gaming on this giant i would have to say to epic.

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