Rudimental – Waiting All Night ft. Ella Eyre (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

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25 comments to Rudimental – Waiting All Night ft. Ella Eyre (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

  • JOP REYES  says:

    me pone a mil!!!
    saludos desde PERU!!!!?

  • Állan Monteiro  says:

    I love they doing it live, its way better :3?

  • Joshua Wairi  says:

    Just discovered this awesome singer! Me likey a lot!!!?

  • Aba Owusu-Biney  says:

    i love this song?

  • blondeboi22  says:

    Girl has a cracking pair of lungs?

  • Michaela ?ernáková  says:

    Her voice in this song always gives me goose bumps.. ?

  • Artur Wagnerowski  says:

    Daj? rad? na ?ywo – cool?

  • paulsimonmusicvideos  says:

    Pouu j’adore cette chanteuse , c’est vraiment énorme ?

  • JM DF  says:

    This woman’s energy is contagious !

    her voice is addictive. ?

  • Jindriska Czwartynska  says:


  • Karolina G  says:

    Tell me that you need me
    Tell me that you want me?

  • Tomek ?wi?tek  says:

    Sara and trombone is too loud .

  • ???? ????  says:

    ????????? ????!?

  • Ognjen Cigic  says:

    That voice tho! Amazing!?

  • Jayfive276  says:

    Want her. Want her *so* bad.?

  • mike young  says:

    1. 2. 3. 4. ?????

  • German Peralta  says:

    I love her voice ??

  • Daniel Reeze  says:

    I know she sounds awesome but some other vids she sounds like she smokes
    500 a day?

  • Boris Popovic  says:

    Uzvici na svadbama (kod nas) u momentu kada muzika ponavlja neki omiljeni
    deo pesme tipa “i jopet” ili “pa kaže” i tome sli?no, proširili su se i na
    SAD a to se najbolje vidi na delu 1:20 kada voditelj Radio 1 Live Lounge
    dobaci… :)?

  • evka  says:

    3:38 dat dance move lol?

  • Adam Haase  says:

    Is it just me or are they others expecting Kurt Yaeger to pop up?

    Ella just nailing it.?

  • Fletcher David  says:

    I wish they would have stuck with the trumpet…t-bone was tight…but the
    trumpet was better sound. Maybe a flugel horn or even a muted trumpet
    would be wicked sounding over a song like that. But this shit is too tight
    and on point. Ella wow…!!!!! Rudimental much praise and mad love…I
    bang out to this song every morning as of late. Thank you….

  • Bernie Fajardo  says:


  • Janine birch  says:

    love the energy ….. fucking TUNE!?

  • Figty `97  says:

    Amazing Song!?

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