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40 comments to Red Ice Radio – Acharya S – Hour 1 – The Moses Myth, Yahweh Supremacy & Cultural Genocide

  • Christopher Martinez  says:

    “As is the case with Jesus Christ himself, the godman’s parents, Joseph and
    Mary, never appear in the contemporary historical record of the time they
    allegedly existed.”-Acharya S.
    Caesar in the time of Mary and Joseph took a census of all Judeans. The
    account of this is written in the Gospel of Luke. Joseph and Mary
    registered in Bethlehem according to Roman law. There are records of this
    census as historical fact.
    Four Gospels testify to the existence of Mary, Joseph. And epistles.
    Fools simply disregard this to sell books to other fools. On her sites
    she begs for donations. Visa or MasterCard. Paypal??

  • moldovan alin  says:

    A lots of dislikes I see on this topic, Butt hurt,ain’t you fucking
    Marxists motherhumpers ? ?

  • Epmer Klith  says:

    Religions of Semitic origin (Christianity and Islam) portray God a being
    one who judges a person on whether he/she believed the right way. Did you
    worship Me properly? Do you have the one true faith? Two religions of
    Aryan origin maintain the afterlife is influenced more by what one DOES,
    not BELIEVES. Buddhism has karma; Zoroastrianism has good thoughts, good
    words. good deeds. Which has morality? Which can cause wars??

  • David Gibbs  says:

    The story is true, appalling how she can ignore so much truth to achieve
    her own promotions and greed. It is obviously a case where the original
    facts have been in place for all time and “earlier” cultures have skewed
    the information, and failed out of doing so, as where the Jews have
    preserved that history and thus “appear” to have revised previous stories. ?

  • Christopher Martinez  says:

    Huba Huba. Dotty is a hotty! Reminds me of one of my 1st girlfriends I
    called “tinker bell”. A sexy perverse little piece. She was atheistic
    like Achy, and had no moral compass of which I took full advantage. She
    ended up, in the long run, like Achy will. A victim of her own depravity.
    People attack decency to justify their hidden sins. Keep snickering and
    may your hormones guide you to hell. Cheerio!?

  • bob733333  says:

    God knows we have to eliminate Satanism or else Earth is screwed.?

  • 111gagafan  says:

    Jewish God , Jewish Moses ,God of cosmos in a tent – is this broad
    schizophrenic or what ?? “She has massive background in mythology ” ???
    LOL !! She is really tripping here .I read the first part of her book about
    Moses ( from ) and passed the second part – she twisted several
    passages from the OT to fit her anti- Moses agenda ,she doesn’t even know
    when the camels were domesticated . Now she claims she read items about
    “Jews in Egypt before Exodus” – please ,show us your sources !
    All the historians and scribes,including Josephus ( Antiquities 4 . 192-302
    ) ,had a good knowledge of Torah/tanakh – without Torah there wouldn’t be
    talmud ,gospels or koran .
    LAW OF MOSES prohibits worshipping and making predictions of stars, moon
    and hosts of heaven and consulting astrologists or prognosising the future
    from astrological signs – looks as this dumb broad never even read Torah .
    A high school kid can put up a better project .?

  • Kitty BooBoo  says:

    And don’t forget that GOD himself comes down from Heaven to bury Moses!
    Deuteronomy 34:5-6. Can you see God now with a pick and shovel digging a
    hole in the desert? LOL!?

  • Avraham Espinosa  says:

    blasphemy. this woman is a Jew hater and is payed by the devil himself.?

  • Thomas Jefferson  says:

    I’ve read some of her books and find them very interesting history because
    she is well educated and is able to connect the similarities. Anyone who
    studies history or the history of religion would see the similarities and
    how the big 3 evolved. I see a lot of hater responses, but I’ve found that
    those are the least informed people. I fear like they do, that religion
    causes a system of order and without it, chaos or tyranny would prevail.?

  • Christopher Martinez  says:

    Ha. Check out this cult leader pic. She’s exposing her crotch! ?


    I don’t know if Moses and Jesus existed physically at all on earth, but
    paranormal activity does exist, paranormal activity strong enough that can
    facilitate the punishments on Egypt, the parting of the red sea, walking
    on the water, and much more. Today’s belivers and non believers tend to
    rationalize things one way or another, to make them suit their beliefs
    using rational explanations, such as the red sea opened up by some
    ‘earthquake activity’, it wouldn’t have been necessary, paranormal
    manipulation of gravity and phyiscal laws, does exist, it’s been witnessed
    in many small time incidents here and there throughout the centuries, the
    outsiders just refuse to believe or even accept the possibility, it seems
    they have it all figured out?

  • libormotto  says:

    The whole crap she spews is a repeated garbage from madam Blavatsky group.?

  • Astraea Shaw  says:

    Unfortunately she does not understand what spirituality is about. ?

  • villteksa ilutakser  says:

    She is so smug. The ‘science is everything’ people will never realize their
    science is limited to their own intellect and there are things a thousand
    times smarter than the smartest person on earth. If you come at
    spirituality with papers and recorded proven facts you’ll get nowhere.
    Before someone starts with me, I’m not saying I have all life’s answers.
    Just saying neither does she. She is like the pawn that came forward after
    people wised up to zeitgeist movies.?

  • Christopher Martinez  says:
    Dotty flashes crotch!?

  • 7munkee  says:

    She talked for an hour and didn’t say a damn thing. I find it hard to
    believe she did any research.?


    I am referring to the mysterious manipulation of gravitational force, both
    ways, objects or people becoming much heavier than they are supposed to
    be, or becoming too light and levitate, this is impossible to fake by any
    scientific means, at least up to this day.?

  • AlbaSaab  says:

    Massive background in mythology? Might help if you get a massive background
    in biblical HISTORY – archeological, and secular recorded history. What an
    arrogant, ignorant woman. This woman has an agenda in my opinion. ?

  • mena seven  says:

    Great video by Acharya S, I like her books Christ Conspiracy and the
    Egyptian origin of Christianity.?

  • Tessa Dick  says:

    if you’re going to criticize the Bible, you should know what it says.
    Moses was not a Jew. He was a Levite. ?

  • caessarion  says:

    I thought mo was before jesus, because the story is so stupid and fake, I
    thought christies took the ol testament with a grain of salt, that they
    only believe in the new. Mo is so fake, and it really tied the noose for
    Jesus too, fake. Not that the truth isn’t the way and the life, but the sun
    is the sun, it brings life, I’ll bet you have to go through the sun when
    you die, which is what the light is all about. The creator being is all
    life, ya take the truth you’ve gathered to that collective, it’s the food,
    then you volunteer without question, and go where the higher beings send
    you, to serve some more, unless your a selfish bastard cunt, then you serve
    the lucy being, you stupid jackass from hellfire.?

  • xxHANNONxx  says:

    Holly Moses, smell the roses! Don’t you people realize that Europa folk
    with opinions are racist 🙂

    Joking aside, does anyone know anything about the Jews she spoke of, that
    didn’t have the Moses tradition? Is there more info on what traditions they
    did have? It put temporal itch into my mind, I’d like to find out more
    about it.?

  • JoJoghetto  says:

    Thanks for posting Red Ice, nice show.?

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  • Dinstructor1970  says:

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