RCA Victor Portable Radio

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RCA Victor Portable Radio
Image by NFSA Australia
Off white portable radio with two small circular dials and HMV logo in centre bottom. Approximate size: 260mmx80mmx160mm. Manufactured 1950.

Radio City Tower
Image by Mrs Magic
This towers stands tall over most of Liverpool, Radio City broadcast from the top. This was taken from Williamson Square.

BBC Radio 5 MW-FM Adaptor
Image by synx508
This amazing gadget contains a Medium wave AM receiver and a small FM transmitter. It was designed by the BBC for schools and colleges that had FM-only receivers, the schools programmes had moved from Radio 4 FM to Radio 5 which was on MW. Amazingly, rather than just sending an inexpensive MW radio to the schools, they got this beautiful engineered physical embodiment of the last gasps of BBC in-house electronic design.

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