15 comments to RCA Universal Remote Programming For TV

  • GARY HILSON  says:

    Way to go Young Man!!!!!?

  • Buttercup Wilson  says:

    How long did it take for the to turn off ? Im tryin on a Rca tv and its not
    working ?

  • Lady Cam Official youtube Channel  says:

    Thank u?

  • Getto Vidz  says:

    Thanks man :)?

  • Lee Blume  says:

    Worked great thanks!?

  • FredoInDaCutItsAscarySight Santana  says:

    I really don’t write reviews but I had to since you helped me a lot
    appreciated it man?

  • Keeta Amor  says:

    Thanks LOVE!!?

  • T Burns  says:

    thank you it worked?

  • Kani Namuo  says:

    Thanks, used a RCA remote as mom’s remote no longer works, but lost
    instructions so super great instructions and worked beautifully!?

  • Jessica Bravo  says:

    Thank you sooo much!!!!!! It really worked!!!!?

  • Lashekia Hill  says:

    ThNkz very very helpful and quick?

  • Robert Rivera  says:

    Great and simple video. Batteries are something people
    overlook……nothing wrong with reiterating it. ?

  • lilwayne wayne  says:

    Good video but the begining is just stupit check your batteries if it works
    of course they work lol but yea theres a few more but it still a good video?

  • R0KxStaRzZ  says:

    Very smart. I screwed up my Sylvania TV and tried every process. But your
    tutorial worked best. Everyone who reads these comments this is one legit
    tutorial. ?

  • patti munoz  says:

    Thank you :)?

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