Radio Controlled Boats ? Choosing the Best

The feeling delivered by a speed automobile is something only its enthusiast can explain. The rush of adrenaline makes every speed sport an exceptional way to unwind after a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, even though the number of people interested in speed racing is quite large, not many are able to pursue it throughout their life. This is the reason remote controlled automobile racing has gained immense popularity during the last decade or so and electric radio controlled boats are no exception. However, when it comes to buying one of these technological wonders, people are often unsure about the parameters to look into and end up buying an unsuitable RC boat. Let us have a look at the factors to consider when buying an RC boat.

Power Option

As far as the power source is concerned, there are three types of RC boats available in the market; electric, gas and nitro. As the names suggest, graupner are powered by rechargeable DC batteries, gas boats use gasoline as the fuel while nitro boats run on nitro. When looking to buy an RC boat, first you need to decide the power system you want your boat to have. To help you make up your mind, you must consider the top speed you wish your boat to have. Among the options available in the market, nitro boats are unarguably the fastest with their top speed going up to 40mph. Gas powered RC boats have a top speed between 30-35 mph while electric versions reach a top speed between 25-30 mph.

Area of Water Source

Many times people buy an exceptionally fast RC boat, but are never able to see it roar at its top speed. The reason is that every powerful boat requires a certain area of water to reach its top speed. Thus, if you are planning to race the boat in a small pond or lake, buying a top of the line RC boat does not make too much sense. Therefore, always check the area of the water body before heading out to buy your RC boat.


Maintenance is another extremely critical aspect of remote controlled boats. Though it is understandable that most of us wish to own one of the most powerful radio controlled boats we may afford; the buy won’t last its age if not properly maintained. Here, you need to know that even though most powerful, nitro powered boats are the most challenging to maintain due to the complex fuel ignition system they have. This is the reason that if you are buying an RC boat for the first time, you should go for electric RC boats as they are easiest to maintain.

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