Radio Arvila Best of 2014-2015

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Ariana Grande debuts her new song “Problem” at the Radio Disney Music Awards! Watch more RDMA performances here: For more, subscribe at …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 comments to Radio Arvila Best of 2014-2015

  • Fam0us x  says:

    to video me tn grioula pws legetai ?:D?

  • Cheyenne Elswick  says:

    Lol, none of you know how to sing but you’re correcting her? She’s famous
    and um, are you? Lol.

    She was dancing, singing, and most likely nervous.

    Duh, she’s gonna be outta breath. Jeez.?

  • Lisa Lachhman  says:

    The dance is good but she should try to incorporate some facial expressions
    as well..?

  • JCM Darren  says:

    People are so used to listening to horrible live shows that they don’t even
    know what talent is when it hits them in the face.?

  • DunHiLa Craftera  says:

    This is 95% autotune and 5% dancing.?

  • Damien Ortiz  says:

    First Problem performance.. *cries* I remember nonstop screaming in my room
    when I first saw this. #ArianatorForLife?

  • Josje Bosman  says:

    She sings very well! The only thing she still have to work to get enough
    breath while singing. Because some words she sings not because she has no
    breath anymore.?

  • Misa Okamoto  says:

    After hitting all those high notes, yes. She’s out of breath. Get over it.?

  • Paty DeAnda  says:

    Check out Ailee’s live version of this song, she did wayyyyy better.?

  • ktelle  says:

    her voice has zero depth. it sounds like a zipper being pulled up really
    quickly. like nails on a chalkboard. it’s fitting that she’s wearing mouse
    ears because her fucking voice is like the squeak that comes from a rodent
    when a cat runs after it?

  • bonecas da larissa bela  says:

    Acho vc linda, e muito talentosa, mas acho q deveria ter mais presença de
    palco, interagir com os fãs. mas EU TE AMO COISA LINDA?

  • ?5sxs Edits?  says:

    guys Disney did actually auto tune this but not as much as you think we all
    know she is amazing but look at the video a fan recorded she sounds so much
    better, idk why they auto tune such talented singers?

  • Aamaan Goolam  says:

    I dont mean to be rude here but it is obvious that Ariana is lip singing
    this was the first time that Ariana was performing Problem so maybe she
    thought that she wont be able to perform the song properly while dancing
    and trying not to fall of stage, but it doesnt matter because she realised
    that she could and started to perform with her actuall voice and she did?

  • Sierra Presley  says:

    i love her songs i’m a huge fan?

  • Angelica Retana  says:

    My girl Ari???? shes so perfect and beautiful i love her ??????????????????

  • irman925  says:

    Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that her hitting the balloon at 3:12
    is the cutest thing ever?

  • sarah h  says:

    She is like justin Bieber but in girl version.. Ugh?

  • kylie grande  says:

    Her voice is changed now?

  • Joe Lopez  says:

    DAUM ! Why you all so negative? Y’all act like she’s a Wizard or something ?

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