Radio (Alkaline Trio) Triptych

Some cool radio images:

Radio (Alkaline Trio) Triptych
Image by Richard ‘Tenspeed’ Heaven
So, here is the final three images for my Radio Triptych.

From left to right:

‘I’m waking up all alone, waking up so relieved
while you’re taking your time with apologies’

‘Taking your own life with boredom,
I’m taking my own life with wine’

‘Making the most of a bad time
I’m smoking the brains from my head’

I mean, It’s quite differant to what I normally do. Most of my shots are purely cosmetic or cold live music pieces, but this is handling a narrative. I enjoyed it, let me know what you think.

Vieja radio / Old radio
Image by Menes on the rocks
Recuerdo que esta radio siempre fue vieja, siempre estuvo tirada por casa de mis abuelos. Hasta ahora, que la casa ya casi no existe, y encontré la radio más tirada aún / I remember that this radio always was old, always it was thrown in my grandparents’ house. Since now, that the house doesn’t exist and I found the radio more thrown.

Parkes Radio Telescope
Image by Brendio
See where the dish is located. [?]

The Parkes Observatory Homepage

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