Radio Adapter

Radio Adapter tunes to different radio stations through Transceiver socket. It automatically connects to the appropriate radio lead through adapter configuration. The swapping of the radio is made so easy like a plug and play device.

Radio adapter monitors for the radio signals and if there is no radio reception, Radio Adapter reduces the input volume .This feature can also be used over music system and mobile phones. Radio adapter produces two levels of output one is , microphone level and the other is, Line level. The line level output is more than the microphone level. Most electronic devices works on Line output.

The Radio adapter provides microphone output when the electronic device connected to Audi input lead. And in the same way the Radio Adapter produces line level output when the device is connected to the Audio output lead. Key features of the Radio Antenna: Radio adapter has the maximum power of 50 W.

It has the impedance level of 50 ohms. And the frequency level varies from 806 to 960 MHz. 390 x 280 x 52 mm. are the dimensions of the Radio Adapter Architecture of the Radio Adapter: Antenna Adapter is made so small with all digital features.

It is completely integrated, scalable and very lightweight. Integration of the Radio Adapter: There is no usage of RF cables between power amplifier and Base Transceiver Station .the integration is carried through one active antenna adapter. Integration is also designed for multi antenna adapter applications.

Frequency can be handled from 400 MHz to 3.8 GHz for a single digital radio platform. Advantages in using Radio Adapter: High efficiency and less cost High durability, increased speed and quality Fast installation due to small size and low weight tower.

Performance of the Radio Adapter: It has the high efficiency with un-comparable capacity. It has splendid performance in covering the radio station site. High tracing system for extra coverage area. It can be integrated with the GSM and GPRS system

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