One Direction, Best British Group at Radio 1 Teen Awards 2013

One Direction *try* to accept the Teen Award for Best British Group… but it’s not that easy with clothes pegs attached to your face! (Oi… don’t try this …
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ALL STARS (Bobi,Radio & Weasel,Chameleone,Navio,Miles,Rema,Gravity _ EVERYONE 2014 (Swalz) Audio 1/Paddyman Dir: Jonan Films/Kyomu Henry CopyRight: SAVE THE …
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47 comments to One Direction, Best British Group at Radio 1 Teen Awards 2013

  • Mon O  says:

    the ugly one won, LOL?

  • lillie howe  says:

    “take ’em off slowly bro”
    “hahaha his lip is bleeding”
    there are 2 types of people?

  • Mary (:  says:

    niall ??

  • Nina Noe  says:
  • dina .n  says:

    cool!!! =) ?

  • Paula Ovando  says:

    Niall LoL Jajaja Lo amo?

  • Má?í? Ñöø?  says:

    awwwwwww <3 MY BAESS!?

  • Anouk Wobelina  says:

    omg liam 0:15 ”is that real gold?” yeah li, they use real gold for a
    simple envelope just because you guys a famous :p ?

  • asilah zaharuddin  says:

    hahahha his lip bleeding?

  • Ashley Grachanin  says:

    That was hilarious. Louis, like always, you look adorable….?

  • flowerzombie8  says:

    Lol One Direction got a little plastic award
    The Beatles and Queen got real GOLD awards?

  • amywatsonHarrypotter  says:

    You’re crazy boys 😀 OMG ?

  • jadaDelray (:  says:

    I love You idiots so much…?

  • Quandre Scruggs  says:

    You guys are awesome you totally desire this award?

  • Mariana Flores  says:

    GO NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Legreta Williams  says:

    It’s not all British! !!!!!!!?

  • Victoria Nicklas  says:

    0:14 is that real gold?
    that has fallen through the sky! XD?

  • Diana Vazquez  says:

    0:52 OMG! Zayn’s voice!!
    “Take them off slow bro” I just love it!?

  • ryeofoatmeal  says:

    zayn is not even trying XD !!!!!!!!! well he dont want his pretty face get
    ruin 😛 and yeah he’s so caring to niall!!?

  • Theresa Ramirez  says:

    Louis is my favorite member but glad that the cute Niall won?

  • Radhika Mehra  says:

    yaaaaah! naill won!!!?

  • Brian Newton  says:


  • Hailey Klingebiel  says:

    NIALL.!! ?

  • Lilly Mbekeka  says:

    lovely song?

  • Rey sheva Lawrer  says:


  • Alba Batya  says:

    Why doesn’t Radio(alone) have a collabo with Navio??

  • harriet kansiime  says:

    so touching. thanks guys for the message?


    Nice song nice message?

  • liselotte mortensen  says:


  • Swalz  says:

    ALL STARS (Bobi,Radio & Weasel,Chameleone,Navio,Miles,Rema,Gravity _
    EVERYONE 2014 (Swalz)
    Audio 1/Paddyman
    CopyRight: Jonan Films/Kyomu Henry?

  • Zuzu Eva  says:

    Good job guys?

  • Bakole moses  says:

    Oh Uganda May God uphold thee bigup guys ?

  • Kyadondo Bashir  says:

    great song n message is really important thanks to all u the ug artistes?

  • JAMES MUSISI  says:

    being 2gether is good?

  • Katende Nathan  says:

    Cool music Jst keep on representing big tingz agwan?

  • Justus Kamwesigye  says:

    Thanks to all the artists that contributed to this song. I hope your
    message was received and acted upon.

    This is a great contribution to society.


  • Lawrence Muganzi  says:


  • Smith Kawesa  says:

    Each parson did a great part in this song? This song is awesome?

  • bamura shamirah  says:

    i dedicate this song to all women and those who are ready to help those in

  • Andrew Oyie  says:

    great song?

  • Ismail Ssekandi  says:

    This is commendable. You guys make us proud.?

  • mohammed ahmed baba gombe  says:

    Great song Ug,i hear find a man and become a mother,Radio?

  • mbatina Richard  says:

    serious dat song z so so nice for our people leading our country?

  • Pea Nut  says:


  • Xtyn Kalungi  says:

    wow, indeed this is a gud hit, i just burried a lady who had a still birth
    and even lost her life…who is to blame and u can imagine she was in a
    first class hospital, so what happens in the remote areas?


    nyc keep it up?

  • Mimmie Sah  says:

    l just love Joe-Chameleone unstoppable and uncontrollable and love his part

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