Mondays: Tips On Voiceover Acting & Expanding Film Riot!

Today, we talk executing voice over in your projects, and if Film Riot will expand! Stars Agency: Suggestion of the Week: htt…
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23 comments to Mondays: Tips On Voiceover Acting & Expanding Film Riot!

  • Alejandro Romero  says:

    What video game debacle??

  • AndrewProductionsTV  says:

    GH4 or Mark iii??

  • jimspider13  says:

    Dose anyone have any tips for shooting in the woods??

  • fadetounforgiven  says:

    I think you’re missing some points in respect to torrenting. First, it’s
    not stealing. It’s wrong to believe that people who get that file (whatever
    it is, music, software, movie) for free would actually get it if they had
    to pay for it. Yep, there will be some people that would, but it’s not the
    common thing.

    Second, you could try and see it as publicity. If they download it and like
    it, they will surely try and see more of your work. Yep, they’re not paying
    you yet, but if they do like your work, some of them will. And they found
    you by “free downloading”.

    In the “Tell” example… well, you may want to download it to wach it
    offline instead of on youtube.

    And finally, there were some people that made a torrent out of the songs
    that played in every Top Gear episode. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t
    have known about Ludovico Einaudi, at least not that soon, not that way.
    When he came to play near to where I live, I went and pay the ticket to see
    him, and I would gladly do it again.

    Maybe someone else would have been there in my place, but it was me who
    paid for that.?

  • Marcel Jasso  says:

    I want to start a YouTube chanel, I have Sony vegas 12 from my dad and a
    nikon coolpix and the quality is alright, but the sound is horrible. any
    tips? I have a low budget?

  • Campbell Diaz  says:

    Wtf you’re married 0_o. I would have never guessed ;)?

  • OCUBOX  says:

    Hey Ryan, HOW did you bend that C-stand so easily? XD?

  • Lukas Taulbee  says:

    Yo fileiot could look at mah latest video and give me some tips on how to
    improve or anything, thanks:)?

  • iamcodrew  says:

    Heres my question, I want to do indie films and I have no money, can I have
    free stuff? Eh? Eh? EH??

  • Film Riot  says:
  • Rebassed  says:

    Torrenting is not meant from illegal distribution, yet 90% of it’s content
    is pirated. ?

  • Derif  says:

    What’s the name of he’s favorite director!??

  • Jan Schneider  says:

    Finding actors…??? Please??


    People are so dumb. Torrenting itself isn’t anything bad. The word is
    associated with people illegally downloading music etc. But torrenting
    itself is a great thing. Rather than companies or websites pay a shitload
    for bandwidth (yes it does cost a lot), each person who downloads it has
    the responsibility of sharing it back with their connection leading to a
    mass network of nodes. Although it wouldn’t make sense for people to really
    torrent their SFX pack it’s completely fine.?

  • Abdul Delati  says:

    Why is torrenting so bad??

  • morgan -MCPE  says:

    Hi Ryan how dose a 11 year old get a good camera #filmriotmondays?

  • refreakasoid  says:

    Roughly speaking ,how expensive are the voice actors on Starsvo? I checked
    out the site and they all sound AMAZING! ?

  • charlotte c  says:

    Hey Ryan, any tips on how to make videos completely by yourself? (when your
    friends are busy or just don’t have the same passion for film)?

  • tim  says:

    Hey Ryan, any tips on curing writer’s block??

  • Michael Weil  says:

    I disagree about torrenting, it is a sad fact of life, yes, but it’s a
    whole lot more complicated than saying it’s coming in someones home and
    stealing stuff

    generally (and there are some exceptions, but that’s what they are) they
    are rather harmless, because most of the time they don’t take as much from
    sales as it seems (really only one-several torrenteers would have actually
    paid money to see it) and they do increase the size of the audience.

    furthermore, it is often just easier than the conventional methods, e.g. I
    torrent the game of thrones series rather than go watch it on TV (or even
    record it there) just because it’s easier for me, I can watch it whenever,
    skip though boring scenes, and watch it from my computer (yes, that’s a
    plus, most of the time) also the quality is higher, that’s the fault of my
    TV provider, but there isn’t really an alternative (non-american here,
    netflix ain’t an option)

    and about torrenting free stuff, might be locked off to parts of the world,
    or just more convenient to people who have slow internet (youtube isn’t
    very caring for these poor folk, you can’t really let a 1080 video load for
    more than 20 seconds)?

  • Drawie  says:

    Ryan! Any tips for finding the right music track for your videos? On some
    projects I have spent 3 to 5 straight hours looking for the right track
    without finding the right one. This is somewhat frustrating especially when
    working for clients since music searching is something I can’t really
    invoice them for. Thank you in advance!?

  • Mathieu LANCE  says:

    Torrenting free stuff is important for some people who don’t want to use
    Google’s youtube to access entertainment. ?

  • Magical Box Monkey  says:

    What is torenting? Please explain?

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