Modern Hardwood Television Stands

Wooden TV stands are a great alternative to wall brackets and mounts. You can buy them in softwood or the better quality ones are made of hardwood. TV stands made from wood are available in rectangular, shaped and corner designs. Wood can look more stylish than the vast majority of stands available.

In fact, some are in a class of their own when compared to contemporary stands for flat screens.To change the look of a modern home, add a wooden TV stand (quality finish of course!) and you will really enhance the appearance. Having a large wooden piece of furniture in your living room, brings a certain classy style to the room. Wood says ‘quality and style’ in anyones eyes, as these days most are plastic and metal! And wooden TV stands have clear advantages over modern stands.

When you scan row of TV stands in a shop, the quality made hardwood design stands out over and above the rest.Any contemporary home entertainment theater, can be enhanced with an oak TV stand when the stained finish matches its surroundings.

Close your eyes right now and visualize a stunningly made hardwood TV stand with your new flat screen TV sitting on top.

When you first see a wooden TV stand, you want to be sure of the quality finish. A man would rate the quality of a hardwood stand, with the knuckle test on the solid wood, while a woman would admire the smooth finish. They are truly superb. Close your eyes right now and just imagine how great a stained hardwood stand would bring out the features of your room.

Stands made from softwood are also available, and can look great in any home. When you see quality pine, you also know by touch how great the quality is. Different softwoods are used for stands, but pine is the most commonly found.

After writing this article, i’ve changed my view or having a metal and plastic stand to getting a new hardwood stand now! Because they break up a modern room, particularly if it is ‘gadget filled home’! Before you purchase a new stand, have you considered making one (if you are good with wood) – all you need is an electric sander, of course an old cabinet or chest of draws and set of doors (if required) to replace the front.

In fact, if you are a ‘green person’, making one yourself is a great choice and I applaud you. You will save a tree in the rainforest, while saving a ton of money.

Wooden TV stands enhance the appearance of any living room. You will find all types of wooden TV stands at our new site, as well as more contemporary television cabinets.

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