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A downstream Building Ceramics Industry Background
1. China is the world’s largest Ceramic Producer
With the people’s living standards rise and the improvement of living conditions require that China’s demand for construction ceramics is increasing. According to statistics, in 2004 China’s annual production of 2.962 billion construction ceramics M2, M2 2.371 billion the previous year’s growth of 24.94 percent, has become the world’s largest producer of construction ceramics, production accounts for more than 50% of the world.

2. Pottery production for regional characteristics
As Ceramic raw materials And market reasons, the domestic construction Pottery Showed obvious regional characteristics, the current production of about 3,000 enterprises, mainly in Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Fujian, Hebei, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Henan, 8 large area, in 2004 the region Ceramic Company Accounted for more than 60% of the national total, total output accounted for 90% of total production. Where the largest production scale in Guangdong province, the country’s total annual output of 04 accounted for more than 30%.

In the region, the company is in Foshan, Guangdong province has an extremely important position. It is the first development of modern pottery, porcelain and production company focused on the largest and most regions, the radiation influence throughout the country. Meanwhile, the Foshan ceramics machine industry is the most advanced and most mature, the company can grow is largely due to the enabling environment.

3. In recent years, characteristics of ceramic industry
Recent years, the demand for ceramic shows two distinct characteristics, namely, internal wall Tiles Specifications to the development of larger and thinner, and second, the rapid increase in overseas demand. To meet the different demands of users at home and abroad, ceramic enterprises must continuously improve production processes and improve the technical level, which means more new ceramic machine used to stimulate the demand for ceramic machine.

4. The future to maintain growth in demand for ceramic
Main purpose is building ceramic Decoration Although in 2004 the government began to macro-control since, especially for Real estate Market, it is strictly concerned, measures to frequent. However, China’s urbanization process is continuing, and home improvements and repeatable, so as long as the national economy has maintained growth and rising living standards, we believe domestic demand will continue to increase ceramic; the same time worldwide China’s pottery in the low-end market has been strong Competition Force, in 2004 exports accounted for Overseas markets The proportion of about 12%, the future still has room to rise, we estimate that 3 to 5 years, ceramic production in China at least maintain an annual growth rate of 10%.

Concern in recent years, we built Ceramic enterprises Rapid expansion of industry capacity, estimated in 2004 the domestic ceramic industry, the total effective production capacity of 36-40 million M2, capacity utilization at 80%. As the ceramic production method is the 24-hour continuous production, so in a situation of supply exceeding demand, in order to avoid the product backlog, pottery and business expansion will slow, direct impact on the demand for ceramic machine, but demand continues Ceramic growth, we believe that the negative impact will be short-term.

II Ceramics Machinery Market analysis 1. Domestic Equipment has become the trend of import substitution
Ceramic machine is mainly used to produce building ceramics (in tiles and glazed tiles based), user-ceramic production enterprise, the downstream consumer market for the ceramics. Under Ceramic tile Production process requirements, pottery and machinery, including ball mill, Spray tower , Pressure (brick) machine Furnace , Polishing Line ( Polishing Machine And the milling machine) and other major species (see chart 6), the company’s main business in the main press and finishing line.

Modern pottery industry in the country early stage of development, the required basic machine from imported pottery. After 90 years of last century, the domestic ceramic machine industry from imitation, through continued efforts, now most of the domestic ceramic machine has been fully able to replace imported products. Currently a certain size and technical level of ceramic machines are about 200 enterprises, 04 ceramic machinery industry in China Sell Size of about 30 billion, while the domestic equipment market share of over 75%.

2. Demand for domestic press and finishing line
According to statistics, currently the total amount of various tonnage presses about 5,000 units, of which 3,000 tons of press (called large-tonnage presses) is approximately 830 units, accounting for 16.6%. In 2004 the total demand for domestic press about 470 units, of which demand for large-tonnage presses 235 units, accounting for 50% of total demand, up 5 percentage points over the previous year. The average life

press 7-8 years, due to market oversupply ceramic, ceramic enterprises lack the momentum expansion, we expect demand for the next two years mainly from the press update. Real estate regulation and monetary tightening due to a greater impact in 2005 than in 2004 press demand decreased by about 20%, estimated in 2006 to restore growth. However, in the production of large-tonnage press for large-size ceramic and efficiency on the more general press has obvious advantages, its tie up the proportion of total demand for aircraft will be more and more, we estimate that in 2006, the proportion will reach 55 %.

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