is it possible to put a chrysler radio in a mercury?

Question by brattman_2001: is it possible to put a chrysler radio in a mercury?
I have a radio from a 89 chrysler minivan that I want to put into a 86 mercury grand marque. is this possible? will it fit? are there adapters avaliable to change the plugs?

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Answer by Ceaser Emo Rawr
it should

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  • Doug K  says:

    It should be possible, but I dont think they make any adapters. Shouldnt be too hard though. All you need is:
    Switched power (a +12vdc source that is only on if the key is in ACC or ON) (usually red)
    Constant power (a +12vdc source that is always on, for the memory) (usually yellow)
    Ground (usually a black wire)
    the antenna (the large black wire that just plugs in to the radio)
    and usually 4 or 8 speaker wires.

    The Mercury may have a separate audio amplifier, that may or may not need to be removed.

    Good luck!

  • KaeZoo  says:

    You can purchase adapters for the wiring, but it might be difficult to make it fit. At the very least, you’ll probably need to cut out a larger opening in the dash panel on the Mercury.

    As far as the wiring is concerned, if you’re lucky you should be able to combine this: and this: to make an adapter.

    If the original Mercury system includes a factory amp, things become somewhat more complicated (and probably more trouble than it’s worth to integrate the new radio).

  • Ratchet1957  says:

    There are no custom adapters that I know of But if you are savvy enough to find and separate the hot ,ground, neutral and speaker wires for both of them you shouldn’t have any problems making it work ,If you don’t know which wire is which just look for the schematics on the internet !You may have to customize the dash a little to make it fit securely , go to your local hardware and get some “strap hangers” (Thin 1/2 inch wide metal with round holes in it )

    You might also find it at auto parts stores ,it sometimes is used to hang mufflers and exhaust pipes ! It will also help ground your radio too…

    I have done this quite a few times on different cars and eventually got it right just be patient !

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