Introduction to Radio Communications

Introduction to Radio Communications

1999 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center gov.ntis.ava20662vnb1 VP-002-99 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – Demonstrates the proper use of radio c…
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There are many aspects to ham radio. This is just one of them, working DX (over seas) contacts for competition or just for a chat. Here I show you a sample o…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 comments to Introduction to Radio Communications

  • Max R.  says:

    My left ear is bored.?

  • IntercomsOnline  says:

    Not great for learning about the technical details of radios, but more for
    the usage. ?

  • Eduardo Suarez  says:

    1) Policeman doesn’t collect data for the Lost and Found Camera report. 2)
    Why policemen start the pursue of suspect by foot if they have a car and
    sufficient space to use it? Good video!

  • Tm30w06  says:

    That was mind numbingly stupid. I actually watched a video one time on why
    it was such a great job to promote and sell Tuperware and it was about as
    bad as this was. That was just stupid. I live in LA and lets get one thing
    straight no cop is going to stand there and run a serial number on a lost
    camcorder. The cops in LA just beat up mentally handicapped people,old
    ladies and diabetics and mentally handicapped diabetic old ladies!

  • TuffSauceG  says:

    It’s meant for radio communications training, many of the dramatizations
    are not following protocol, just demonstrating to the students how to
    effectively use the radio to their advantage. : )

  • Drummer In Christ  says:

    All relisitic

  • PolizeiPaul  says:

    She RAN a stop sign..Thus she was stopped for that.

  • pioneerz450  says:

    The left channel sound is Crap, just makes my ears hurt :C

  • comm744  says:

    I agree over 15 years Police / Military and this vid is a joke!

  • Drummer In Christ  says:

    Liked it

  • gewglesux  says:

    @telorinodelhoyoo hell yeah she is…

  • Victor Carlsson  says:

    so lame -_-

  • silentknight2112  says:

    cool vid but the 5th vid is unrealistic. if there was an officer down there
    is no need to call in for permission from dispatch it is an emergency and
    all emergencies get the channel you just broadcast officer dispatch officer
    down then location and SITREP other than that good vid wish they would
    release the new training vids or if there was a way i could watch them

  • mrjost55  says:

    I have the same car, just in white

  • pitcalco  says:

    Amazing shack set-up you have there, Larry. Incredible equipment.
    Could you tell us some more specifics of what kind of antenna set-up you

  • Josh Russell  says:

    Awesome video! That’s quite a system you have rigged up there. You should
    feature a gear and antenna run down video for us less experienced HAM’s…?

  • gerowen  says:

    I’m just a lowly CB operator here, but I’m warming up to possibly getting
    my ham license. I’m not sure I make enough money to warrant doing too
    much, but maybe getting licensed on 10 meters so I could use my same base
    antenna and everything would be nice. That would open up extra frequencies
    that would hopefully be quieter, as well as the amount of power I could
    legally transmit with.

    My Cobra 148 GTLs have served me very well and have even worked DX on them
    several times just by happenstance. Conditions lately have been very
    strange. On several occasions the past few days I’ve been chatting with
    locals and had random people from Arkansas (500+ miles) and places like
    that just drop into the conversation even after dark.?

  • dctisthebest  says:

    I am also from Minnesota! I’m in the process of getting my ham license.?

  • eab750  says:

    I am from MN TOO – from Eden Prairie Radio Club – good luck on field day


  • Al Yo  says:

    Thats the video i was waiting for…you as operator… you should make more
    like that Larry. I love your shack it look like the queen mary II dash lol
    73 s?

  • John Molenda  says:

    Larry your shack set up is the best ! maybe you could email me some time
    or steer me in the right direction to build a slant display such as yours
    …good dx de John kb2huk ?

  • eliyahu rahimi  says:

    what exactly are you doing?

  • Guillermo Saint-Jean  says:

    Great radio Shack and great video!!! best regards from Chile (CE), good
    Dx´s XQ6UMR Guillermo.?

  • Gehovani Grenwich  says:

    What is the panel called that you have your radios mounted in??

  • Mike Nieswender  says:
  • Ares Ranger  says:

    Hi Larry thanks for the video. I just upgraded to General this morning so
    now I can say “KD0VVCAg if and when I get an HF rig. I almost passed the
    extra and I didn’t study for it. I found the tec lisc was more of a
    problem then the general class. Well hope to contact you soon. I just
    have vhfuhf hand held now.?

  • enriqueroman62  says:

    WOW I got the thrills back, oh my god it’s been 30 years since I left my
    Yaesu be purchased by another amateur, thanks for posting this video,
    nothing compares to Ham radio, internet is not even close to it, VOICE over
    text. Nice set up RadioHam ! I will be going back to my old ham radio

  • wichitarob38  says:

    I wanna get into HF so bad! I’m nervous just talking the 2m and 70cm
    bands…Just got my Tech license.?

  • Don Silva  says:

    Hmmm…i think i might have talked to you in a week or two ago…nx1q.?

  • Khalid Ayoubi  says:

    This looks like fun! 😀 love the video! Understood most of it with the
    Aviation Alphabet!?

  • johnboy969  says:

    Hey larry what a nice video,amateur radio is one of the most rewarding
    hobbys a person of any age can enjoy,you actually figure out there is more
    than cell phones to comunicate,I would love to see an insurgence of young
    people i think if they was exposed to all the very cool equipment on the
    market it would be unreal.just think all the kids in the city talking
    simplex or repeater and not glued to the phone,and then HF, man that would
    blow thier minds.great job on the vid 73’s K4JMK?

  • David Voy  says:

    love your videos?

  • Todd Harrison  says:

    Thanks Larry! That was fun to watch.?

  • Yuji Naka  says:

    Is it possible to talk to someone in Asia??

  • skycarl  says:

    Hey Larry, thanks for reminding me how much fun the radios can be.
    I need to run a dedicated line for my amp so I can stretch out a wee bit
    more. Good vid pal.


  • 1fanger  says:

    Hey Larry, good dx`in` there. Nice radio bank too! Looks like much thought
    went into it. Very neat, gives me some ideas, especially your mike on the
    boom and wire key switch. 73 KC3BXZ?

  • KE4VVF  says:

    I talked with a fella who was ice fishing. He had a nice fishing shack with
    an IC-746 and a G5RV. We talked for about an hour while he caught fish. ?

  • Scott A. Reid  says:

    Very nice DX QSO. nice editing on the video as well. do u have any problems
    with your radios mounted the way that they are in terms of overheating.
    they dont seem vented much. do you run a cooling fan somewhere? curious.
    73. N5XTC

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