How To Record Pro Audio on iPhone and iPad | Best Mics for iPhone and iPad + Rode Rec Tutorial

Learn how to record professional audio on your iPhone and iPad using a range of iOS compatible microphones like the iRig Mic, Rode Smartlav and Apogee Mic wi…

The wait is finally over!!!! We present to your full audio songs of Ek Villain starring Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. Don’t forget to share it with …
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  • Epic Tutorials for iPhone, iPad, iOS and Mac  says:

    I do some amateur voice acting and don’t own a laptop, but own an iPad. I’m
    just not sure if you can control the microphone input on an app and I have
    to yell sometimes. Do you know any app that lets me control that? This
    method of using an iPad could work for casual speaking, but I’m not sure if
    I could use something like an iPad when yelling because it may result in
    terrible peaks if I can’t control the input.?

  • FrostyTheBeerMan  says:

    Hi there, a really great review that should have many more views. I have a
    good question, it is now a year later since you filmed this, … is there a
    truly wireless way to record audio on my iPad ? So a mic that is
    Bluetooth, and some sort of receiver that plugs into the iPad ? ( I would
    love to see a 100% wireless version ) that records real-time audio into the
    iPad WHILE it records video. Just wondering if you have ever seen
    something like this ? Thanks and thanks for your great video review !?

  • FrStProductions  says:

    Can I hold the irig above the scene like a boom mic.?

  • Visual Entity  says:


    First of all great tutorial….Great effort put in to it.
    My doubt is that, i have a Rode Video Mic and i wanna use it with my Ipad
    air (mini) but when i use it with my Rode rec LE version it doesnt detect
    the Video Mic and records using internal Mic.
    I am using a TRRS convertor to convert 3.5mm Video mic output to my Ipad
    3.5mm jack.

    My question – Is it because i have LE version of Rode Rec and need to
    Upgrade to Rode REC full version to make my hardware detectable or is there
    something wrong im doing somewhere else.?

    Your help will be much appreciated. ?

  • Fairy Tells  says:

    I love your videos! Forgive me, I’m a very new film maker learning
    everything on my own. (and on Youtube, LOL) I wanted to ask (hope it’s not
    a stupid question) how do you use Filmic Pro and the Rode Smart Lav
    together on your Iphone? Can you? I’m assuming you’ll also have to
    download the Rode app? I have an Iphone 4s and want to make a mini
    documentary using just the iphone’s apps. Or do I need another apparatus
    (Iphone, Ipad) for the sound mic and app? Any thoughts, suggestions, help
    appreciated. Thanks!?

  • MrMinerDood  says:

    what did he use to rec. on the Ipad! can some1 tell me??

  • Phillip Bartlett  says:

    Great video! But I have a question. I want to use the Behringer mixer with
    my iphone 5. But I want to record the video and the audio simultaniously
    just using the camera app. I don’t want to edit the audio and video
    together after. Is it possible? ?

  • Rafael Arinelli  says:

    I need some help with a doubt.
    I have 2 iRig Mics, and i want to use both to capture a podcast program.
    Currently i’m using my macbook pro to record the program, it is possible to
    use both mics in my computer?

    What is your sugestion to use 2 iRigs in one computer?

    PS: We recorded a live?

  • Amit Singh  says:

    will the Citronic CCU1 USB Studio Condenser Microhpone work with ipad?

  • Matt Rayner  says:

    Great stuff. thanks.
    Quick one.. Don’t you mean 48 thousand hertz – not 48 hundred??
    The Behringer mixer only has 15v phantom power rather than standard 48v, so
    may not be enough for all condenser mics.

  • Landon Taylor  says:

    Great tutorial and advice!?

  • Caleb Lambert  says:

    bloody brilliant my friend thank you soooo much… What is best audio
    recording for my canon Eos m???????? I appreciate it ?

  • Giampaolo Marcantoni  says:

    Thank you! super! ?

  • jeb618  says:

    Is there a way to rig a remote wired cable to stop and start recording on
    an iPhone 4s? any help is appreciated.?

  • Levi Jones  says:

    I can’t believe you missed out the RODE iXY and Tascam iXZ!!!!?

  • Fabrice Piché  says:

    Hi, Thanks for the very informative video. Do you know of any way to use a
    Bluetooth headset to record during a video on Ios7? Maybe there are apps
    that can do this? I use my Bluetooth headset with Skype when I teach but
    would like to use it to record my video as well. Any suggestion??

  • Hazer Yenice  says:

    thank you, your videos are very helpful, great channel.?

  • Hugh Glenn  says:

    Excellent video.?

  • T-Series  says:

    This album surely redefines romance in its own way.
    Have you shared this album with others..
    Do it Now – Click to share it on Facebook –

  • kalai Vanan  says:

    Soo good ?

  • Bangla Natokzzzz  says:

    As expected, Best album of this year so far…..?

  • Ayesha xo  says:

    This album. Omg. Ive never been left so stunned, definitely one to watch
    out for after Aashiqui 2. Mithoon is a genius. ?

  • 113 121  says:

    OMG HUMDARD arijit amg lov d song ty MITHOON ty T-series?

  • Devendra Gidvani  says:

    This is such an absolutely amazing album. Mithoon has done it once again!?

  • ASMA MOHAMMAD  says:

    here all song r really nyc….?

  • Jennifer Scott  says:

    This is one of the best Jukebox I have ever heard !!!?

  • King Sid Mohammed  says:

    Best album of the year after aashiqui 2..!?

  • lakshmi sailaja  says:
  • Girish Kumar  says:


  • Aleksandra Lazareska  says:

    awesome compilacion of song’s i can;t wait to see the movie ?

  • zoya erem  says:
  • Prasanna Bharti  says:

    Just love these songs :)?

  • Mozhh x  says:

    OMG i love these songs much love from Afghanistan <3 ?

  • Angel Kichuz  says:

    I love all of them?

  • Nida ZAM  says:

    I’m love the songs!
    I don’t need to be convinced to watch the movie, since I already am, thanks
    to the songs, and trailer !???

  • Tamana Kaur  says:

    I have been pressing ‘play’ after each round of listening. These songs are
    damn good. ?

  • Tharaka Wakwella  says:

    Oddly enough, the one Arijit Singh song failed to mesmerize this time
    around.. 4.5/5 🙁
    #EkVillain #haw #musictodiefor ?

  • nitu rahman  says:

    Beautiful collections?

  • Bangladesh321  says:

    Galliyan both versions r wowsomeeeeeee
    Unplug version is tooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gud?

  • Mirnesa Mustafic  says:

    Finally!! The best album of the year..Superb and amazing songs.Just love
    Shraddha’s voice,so divine..Mithoon sir hats off for this amazing music.?

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