How to Identify the Refurbished Televisions by Some Features

In order to pursue more interests, some businessmen choose to refurbish and repackage the old televisions to sell in the market as new ones. And a lot of consumers have encountered such situation. Here, I will teach you some features to judge old television and help consumers avoid buying refurbished televisions.

Observe the package of goods. The package of new televisions is complete and clean. When you open the paper box, the inner plastic bag should be intact and unopened. There is no dust in it. But the old packaging is certainly not so perfect.

Check the television shell. The shell of new television is a little bright and it could reflex gloss under the light. If you gently wipe the shell with your finger, you will find there is no dust at all. However, the shell of old television appears to be very rigid without gloss, and the shell must be stained with dust. Although some people use cloth to wipe it clearly and deliberately, the dust of some places cannot be scrubbed, such as the screw holes.

Look at the screen of television. The screen of new television is as bright as mirrors and it is difficult to find any scratches or any dust in it. But the old television may be left with scratch and finger prints.

See the television power cord clearly. The sheetmetal of power cord plug of new television should have no scratch trace. However, the frequently used televisions often have left scratch trace on the sheetmetal of its power cord plug.

Take a look about images. The image of new television is clear enough and the colors are very bright and vivid. When you adjust the brightness, the contrast is very clear and the black and white images are quite obvious. The brightness of old ones is insufficient at his point. The range of brightness is quite small and the white and black images are not so clear. This is one of the important points to judge the new television.

After the above introduction, I think you must have right understanding and correct operation methods about television purchasing.


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