How to drop cable but still watch TV

How to drop cable but still watch TV

View this video to see some real-world solutions to watching TV without expensive cable or satellite TV bills. See some hardware and software that will help …

Turn on the laugh tracks and whip out your TV Guide. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 sitcoms of the 2000s. Special th…

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42 comments to How to drop cable but still watch TV

  • pinkfreud62  says:

    I refuse to pay for cable just to watch a bunch of shitty programs. I’m
    using a very old, possibly 30+ yrs roof antennae and my basic channels come
    out crystal clear. Anything else I wanna watch is on the net. ?

  • LaVila Brannagan  says:

    FOR FREE TV PLUS AN INCOME go to'spud/tatoe and sign
    up for free.?

  • ROADRAINGER  says:

    You got to have internet. Who is your internet provider??

  • labodorlover  says:

    Question, what about Google Chrome? Is that a better choice????

  • pattilou1952  says:

    I too have successfully ditched cable tv. I use Roku and a wifi connection
    from my computer, as well as an indoor antenna. Loving it, I get 23
    channels! My only “entertainment”: bill is internet now, woohoo!?

  • phradiep baldeo  says:

    cable is good its has every channel who doesn’t want it I know its very
    expressive but its cheep if you just get the TV package alone and pay for

  • Absurd TV  says:


  • Mike Riedel  says:

    Drop cable?! Your house has cables draped all over the place!! What a

    I don’t want my home entertainment to be a constant DYI project………I
    want it to be entertainment and not a wall of spaghetti.

    What is this “hatred” of companies about? If you are paying “too much” for
    your service – switch service.?

  • Patricia Samodell  says:

    need to get this equipment will check with amazon to see need your help to
    figure this all out thanks?

  • Steve Forman  says:

    An asus desktop would do it too. Your video is okay but people need to
    understand better. ?

  • coolnegative  says:

    Some great suggestions, however, if you hook your PC up to your TV, there’s
    no need to buy a roku. You can get most of that stuff on your computer.
    Especially the top three, Netflix, amazon, and hulu plus. Heck you can
    stream hulu’s free content without signing up.. the roku can be great for
    other TV’s in the house though. I put my old roku in my daughter’s room
    where there’s no cable outlets. It’s also very portable. If you have
    digital copies of movies, etc on your PC, you can stream them to the TV
    through newer roku models, and some if not all have USB ports that you can
    stick a flash drive in loaded with your favorite pictures, music, and
    videos to view on demand as long as they’re in a proper format. Most bluray
    players also have netflix, YouTube, hulu, amazon prime, etc. Thanx for the
    video. I applause you standing against the money grubbing monopolies in
    home intertainment- good job, good research, good upload!?

  • bee sage  says:

    Thank you very much for going out of your way to explain the additional
    options, we here in Australia are for the most part always slightly behind
    the US when it comes to technology ect but we do have theses apps available
    and also something very similar to the Roku, beats forking out large
    amounts of money for a cable subscription! once again thanks.?

  • Charles Napier  says:

    If you have an Apple TV, Roku or whatever and your family with a Cable
    subscription. Wants to watch HBO, ESPN or whatever on your device and
    forgets to relock it when they leave that would not be a crime would it???.?

  • Mike Hutchinson  says: free movies yes free…NO LOGIN?

  • Joe Schmoe  says:

    I have Time Warner cable internet for many many years now and seldom have
    an issue. Seems AT&T U Verse around DFW area here always has connection
    problems and the worse customer service from what everyone tells me. Never
    a problem streaming netflix and prime videos. I put an antenna in my attack
    for local channels. I have been VERY happy with cutting the cable TV. Those
    expensive bills for watching 3 or 4 channels which show re-runs all the
    time was not worth the money they charge. Prime and netflix only cost me 15
    a month plus 45 a month for 16mg TW cable internet and I have a large dvd
    collection. Everyone should cut the cable. The $70 a month I’m saving on on
    their crappy re-runs all the time is now spent renting movies from netflix
    or prime and I only do a few a month so I still save money.?

  • William H  says:

    if wanting to cut the cord i have a mohu leaf 50 that cost about 70 dollars
    either get a chromecast or apple tv or roku i use a chromecast on my tv in
    my room that on the second floor of my house we still have cable tv but we
    did not want to have to drill into the floor plus charter has gone all
    digital so you need a set top box to get the service and charge 6.99 a
    month per box all ready have 5 boxes from them ?

  • FloridasCracker  says:

    This is a great video ! Thank You!?

  • Lucy L.  says:

    Thanks for this video, could you tell me where to buy the TV box and your
    I live in Durham, NC?

  •  says:

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  • dylanmaystv  says:


  • Osama Qasho'  says:

    My favorite setcom of the 2000s is Community, so, yeah, I disagree with
    your list! I mean, seriously! How I Met Your Mother???

  • 90sandearly00srule1  says:

    honestly I think sitcoms peaked from the 50’s through the 90’s. most of the
    sitcoms from the 2000’s were weak in comparison and weren’t as creative or
    as funny as the ones from the previous decades. then again quality
    programming went down the tubes at the dawn of the 21st century.?

  • Manuel Martinez  says:

    REALLLYYY???? How I met your mother? I freaking hate that show. It’s the
    dumbest show ever. ?

  • MrPeePants  says:

    What about the office?

  • DaHashtagger  says:

    King of Queens??????????????????????????????????????????

  • Michael W  says:

    big bang theory sucks, the first few seasons were decent but then after it
    was just soppy relationships bullshit?

  • Paola Rolon-diaz  says:

    You mean to tell me that That 70’s Show didn’t even get an honorable
    mention what the hell?

  • Charlie Pruett  says:

    And big bang is way better than how i met your mother?

  • Angry Reviewer  says:

    Malcolm in the Middle and Everybody Hates Chris were the best?

  • thatpowermetalknight  says:

    What about the middle??

  • Joseph Baratheon  says:

    HIMYM is one of the most over rated shows of all time. In what universe is
    it better than Arrested Development, IASIP and Community??

  • Quetzal00358  says:

    When did everybody loves Raymond start? cuz that’s my favorite?

  • Milin42 Gaming  says:


  • ivailo7  says:

    Definitely How I Met Your Mother is the best sitcom of the 00’s and second
    greatest of all time (even with the last few crappy season and
    controversial finale). I have never seen a sitcom that uses so many
    narartive structures – unreliable narartor, the story within a story and so
    on and so on. And of course you have this big question that you only have
    clues which led to theories and speculation. When was the last time a 20
    min sitcom had it’s fan coming up with multiple theories?! And writing deep
    analysis like it’s Inception or The Matrix.
    The show was a master piece. I recommend it to anyone.?

  • Blitz KriegFritz  says:

    How I met your Mother killed itself with its finale.?

  • GenesisStrike1  says:

    HIMYM is the best show. Fact. ?

  • carterhessvideo  says:

    That 70’s show should have been on there!!?

  • Sudden Juma  says:

    1. Office US
    2. The Big Bang Theory
    3. HIMYM
    4.Two and a Half Men
    5. Arrested Development
    6. Scrubs
    7. Parks and Rec
    8. Always Sunny
    9. Modern Family
    10. IT Crowd?

  • Sarah Kay  says:

    King of Queens? :(?

  • Vertikarl  says:

    is it only me who find community underrated ?

  • David Daliva  says:

    Y U NO Have of 70’s show?!?!??

  • SuperAB1990  says:

    you forgot the king of queens?

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