Homecoming Film Review

Homecoming is a film that delves into the angst created by the dissolution and creation of relationships. A genre that dwells on the inner feelings we all experience when a relationship that we are involved in ends, and the dormant feelings of jealousy we can experience when a former dating or marriage partner has moved into a new relationship.

Homecoming focuses on a love triangle created when the town’s popular quarterback, Mike, returns from college to his high school with Elizabeth, his new girlfriend. His former flame, Shelby, who still held dreams of marriage with her high school boyfriend, is devastated by this turn of events. Instead of accepting the turn of events as reality, Shelby clings to the past as her version of reality.

Soon the competition between both females intensifies as an accident creates a state of dependency for one of the leading female characters. What distinguishes this movie from other similar films is the social message that the story conveys. Homecoming seeks to draw the battle lines between the two leading female characters along social lines.

On one side, you have Shelby who represents the quintessential small town American life. On her polar opposite you have Elizabeth, representing the implicit progress of the urban city life.

Instead of simply dwelling on a story of jealousy, the movie can be seen as a metaphor for the competing social pressures of those who seek to hold on to the small town lifestyle, and those who welcome the advancement that they feel that city life has to offer.

This social upheaval can be seen playing itself across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, as the city limits encroach upon the borders of small towns. While city life can present advancement in terms of economic and social benefits, it also brings with it crime and disruption of the family nucleus.

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