4 comments to Hbab EL Ghiwane — Spectacle du Villa des arts — 2M TV

  • hbabelghiwane  says:

    Merci? a toi khouya…..Merhba…:)

  • mostaphaist  says:

    merci nassim. ?

  • hbabelghiwane  says:

    oui, kandirou lilate, merhba? bik la bghiti t7der….
    Merci pour ton commentaire….

  • ucef knight  says:

    yes brother Khalid, much love to you for your credits to 3wazza Naim & Abdelrani, the old school hip hop pioneers in Morocco! they’re also known as Dar Gnawa reside in France now and you can watch them on my youtube page on live gigs they featured on with me… very talented guys that Younes needs to? know about!!!

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