Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM, Part 1

Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM, Part 1

In this series of Ham Radio videos, I’ll show you how to program a 2M HT to get on the air along with some of the basics of 2M FM operating.. In Part 1, I de…
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13 comments to Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM, Part 1

  • longboy1998  says:

    How old do you have to be to be a ham?

  • Daniel Diniz  says:

    Hey Randy! Nice to see you active on youtube, congrats for the HAM videos,
    really good stuff. I moved to countryside in Brazil now, so I am planning
    to get back to HAM world. 73s and take care!?

  • tokebuddude  says:

    Great vid! I’m in nursing school right now and have only 7 more weeks till
    I’m out and I can’t wait so I can start studying for my amateur radio
    license! I”m excited about learning about the technology and concepts.
    Subscribed to your channel. Thank you for the information!?

  • Connor Brody  says:

    Do you need Liscence to use that type of radio. ?

  • Manas Numn  says:

    Hi- friend
    I just bought icom v80 looks like quality product but after seen your
    explanation how to use v80 that makes me understond the product more and
    more much better, thank you friend?

  • Joshua Miles  says:

    Thank you for this video. It is easy for people to get discouraged from
    pursuing the hobby because of the attitude shown towards the new guys on
    most internet forums that discuss amateur radio operation. It’s good to see
    someone taking the time to encourage people to take up the hobby. I would
    have gotten into it years ago but every time I tried to find info online I
    got shot down by someone and eventually gave up. Had I found your video ten
    years ago I would have gotten started much sooner.?

  • kenneth bunn  says:

    How do I remove a frequency from a channel. I clicked function and
    vfo/mr/call. But it did not delete the freq from the channel. I have an
    icom icv80. Thanks for your time. Love your videos.?

  • Francis Claridad  says:

    Hey its Santa with his beard cut short… never knew he was into HAM RADIO
    = )?

  • Mark Rosen  says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. It is very helpful for
    someone like me with absolutely no ham experience. Love the outtakes ! :)?

  • don rieco  says:

    thank you just starting out newbee i am ?

  • QRZ Now .com - Ham Radio  says:

    #hamradio +K7AGE ?

  • xpucsc  says:

    Dear Randy K7AGE, thank you so much for this nice video. I’d sub’ed and
    liked. I’m a newbie planning to get a license in the next few days. You
    mentioned that a hand-held transmitter can connect to a repeater to extend
    the distance. But can it really reach the tower that is 25 miles away
    (assuming that I can see the tower with a binocular?) How far can a
    transmitter that radiates at 4W get, e.g. how much is the path loss? In
    other words, can the repeater be sensitive enough to pick up my signal?
    Another dumb question, when someone say some frequency 123.123 does that
    mean that is the center frequency and the actual voice spectrum is +/-
    some-band around there? Thanks.?

  • robisafk  says:

    Thank you for all your videos. Subbed!?

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