Floyd Mayweather Argues With Radio Host Rude Jude About Ducking Manny Pacquiao

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25 comments to Floyd Mayweather Argues With Radio Host Rude Jude About Ducking Manny Pacquiao


    Funny how radio hosts always talk shit to floyd over the phone, but NEVER
    is he challenged by someone in person. ?

  • ocky88  says:

    “Undefeated doesnt mean anything”? Since when? It says a lot that the DJ
    had to invoke Ali. He couldn’t mention any current fighters who are better.
    Sounds like a complete hater. ?

  • Hector Toledo  says:

    “undefeated means DICK, Muhammad Ali wasnt undefeated and he’s 1000 times
    the fighter you are” – thats why i tune into Rude Jude everyday!?

  • Christian Campbell  says:

    so what will all the Floyd haters say when he beats Pac? I look forward to
    that day full of excuses.?

  • kismyas  says:

    Typical AFRICAN AMERICAN Always the RACE CARD?

  • JRLM  says:

    This radio host sounds like a wigger..?

  • Thaydrian  says:

    The reason Mayweather will never fight Pac is because of Floyd’s style. He
    knows that Manny will fire straight left’s down the pipe all night long,
    Floyd can protect his chin with his shoulder and his right side of his face
    while keeping his hands up, but he is WIDE open down the middle for Manny’s
    straight left hand power shots. THAT, is why Floyd is very hesitant to
    fight Manny, plus, Floyd is 2 years older than Manny. Good game, come
    again, Pac wins by decision.?

  • onegaisti  says:

    As much as I like Floyd, he’s an idiot. I don’t care how much of a fan you
    are. You have to admit it. The question was simple. Why not fight Pacquiao?
    Like any other sport. You put the best up against the 2nd best to see who
    the real champ is. Not the best against… Victor Ortiz. Even Floyd has to
    admit that it atleast looks like he’s ducking Pacquiao. He even resorted to
    asking the radio host about his profession and his racial background. That
    has nothing to do with boxing.?

  • Tim Lights  says:

    That faggot ass Italian. Spics and guinea pigs always hate . I dont know
    why Floyd even called that bitch ass grease ball. rhey are mad becuz
    italians cant compete since marciano. Floyd beat on spics and make over 50
    million doin it. Suck da black man nuts.?

  • wero pinche  says:

    Mayweather is a fucking clown. Every time someone interview him, he always
    talks about how much money he as and how famous he is. Fucking bum
    uneducated dude. His fights are boring and the only reason his ppv ratings
    are high is because people want to see Mayweather get knockout. His fight
    are boring and predictable and he picks the fight that he know he is going
    to win. He fought Gatti when he was 50yrs old, samething with De lahoya and
    Mostly. I do hope that Maidana knocks out gayweather.?

  • GrimeXpress  says:

    pacquiao was on roids…..?

  • stevewilliams369  says:

    Every time Floyd beats someone, they have an excuse. Before the fight they
    are all for it. After the fight they say the fighter was a scrub. If he
    beat Pac, they would say Pac was old. Floyd needs to stop talking to
    these fools. He was right for calling out that DJ – whites support Pac and
    blacks support Floyd. There’s never been a black fighter going up against a
    non-black fighter that this country has ever supported – even if that
    fighter is from another country. That’s just the way things are in this
    country and the way things will always be. And most black people with a
    brain know that fact. Floyd knows what he’s talking about.?

  • manofknowledge1000  says:

    the radio interviewer is wacist! :'(?

  • Jancen  says:

    The host is just telling the truth.?

  • justice jam  says:

    He pullin the race card and always walkn out to a fight with a white boy!!!
    Totally dodging the question gaywether fight pacman and that’s it !!! You
    fight bums and has beens lol when u fight pacman I will give you your
    respect! I’m done?

  • GilbertSyndrome  says:

    The host has no idea wtf he’s talking about, LOL, whether you like Floyd or
    not, this is embarrassing for all involved. You can’t be a fan of boxing
    and not like Mayweather’s ability, that’s the bottom line.?

  • JRLM  says:

    dumb ass radio host telling floyd to fight a guy regardless of steriods are
    not.. fucking idiot.. im not saying manny was on something but he threw
    away millions of dollars by not taking the fight.. every fighter sense this
    has taken floyds test.. manny said no.. and looks weaker sense too.. not
    saying he was on something but damn it looks fishy. ?

  • Buscar39  says:

    Rude Jude is a faggot shock jock who likes to hide behind a mic and talk
    shit. One of these days there will be a breaking news announcement that he
    has been found will a bullet to the mouth in some alley.?

  • Zechariah Jacob  says:

    Floyd a 100% right black people get it the worst and still rise to the top?

  • LONE WOLF  says:

    That guy…. is as black as it get ……….no racial in that floyd?

  • butty249er  says:

    this rude jude is a pussy who never stepped in a ring?

  • DoesNotExist305  says:

    Floyd didn’t lose. The radio host just kept talking, we could hear his side
    over Floyd’s side because Floyd was on the phone. Let Floyd talk. ?

  • Nate Bradshaw  says:

    They criticized Ali too lol most ppl don’t know boxing history .. If we go
    off hard work skills and talent Ffloyd is P4P the best BOXER ever … not
    puncher not slugger but boxer his stats prove it.. men lie women lie
    numbers don’t..?

  • Tarin  says:

    “undefeated means DICK, Muhammad Ali wasnt undefeated and he’s 1000 times
    the fighter you are” That was literally the best thing ive ever heard in my
    life ?

  • Ian Cahill  says:

    J’Leon Love – from the same gym & training team as Mayweather Jr. tested
    positive for the banned diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide for his contoversial
    win over Rosado on the Mayweather vs Guerrero undercard.
    The ones who point the finger are usually guilty themselves diverting

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