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Internet TV The term beginning in 2009 has been a hot topic in consumer electronics, the TV connected to the Internet, enjoy the great wealth of resources on the Internet, which sounds good but is this really so? In fact consumers to buy a thousand dollars more expensive than the regular TV Internet TV, after about, but can only see the vendors pushing the very limited content, and even some of TV’s Internet feature is completely reduced to decoration.

From the date of birth, controversy and confusion has been with Internet TV, Internet TV manufacturers cautious guess the department of broadcasting and telecommunications system of the game results. The recent

SARFT Issued the final gate three Internet television licenses, the industry in general that this is the Internet TV policy barriers begin to disappear sign. Then the Internet television license issued from the consumer through the Internet, Shanghai TV to enjoy the amount of resources are far away from it?

Internet TV embarrassment visible until dawn 2009 8 on state SARFT formally issued “on the strengthening of TV to the Internet audio programs receiving terminal

Service The management of the Issues, “provides that only made the” TV service terminal “and” dissemination of audio-visual programs Permit Information Network “(hereinafter referred to as” internet license “) to market the enterprise can provide the consumer Internet TV audio-visual content. This notification allows the rapid development of Internet TV caught in a dilemma, because these TV companies pay a lot for both the self and the excellent content platform or cool, such as Internet content providers Thunder, are “irregularities” in the.

2010 3 months, SARFT issued last gate of the first Internet TV license, the end of 2009 were the flowers start of China’s Internet TV (CNTV), SMG Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and the number of Hangzhou China Media Networks. Three companies essentially are “broadcasting system,” state-controlled video site.

And Internet TV industry has experienced
Winter The dormant after issuing the license, promptly after the positive response. Positive and three major TV manufacturers get a license to discuss business cooperation, “the department of broadcasting licenses are state-controlled video site + Internet TV terminal” form of Internet TV industry already Visible.

Name the local TV companies finally got the opportunity again to promote a comprehensive Internet TV

License issuance, the major TV manufacturers quickly obtain a license with active content providers to discuss cooperation. April 12, 2010,

TCL Announced that China Network TV (CNTV) to become strategic partners, and will jointly set up Internet TV Lab. Other manufacturers such as Tsinghua Tong Fang,

Hisense Changhong active promotion of the Internet television manufacturers are actively working with a partnership of three content providers. Although the specific mode of cooperation has not been determined, but the major TV makers already actively trying to promote the Internet functions

LCD TV The standard configuration of the.
Since the second half of 2009, TCL, Changhong and other large enterprises have expressed discontinued non-Internet LCD TV, and

Konka 2010, 51 more claims of non-stop all production after the Internet LCD TV. The spring of 2010, major manufacturers were unanimous in new conference also will be Internet TV products as the main force to promote new products. TCL released the P11 as a high-profile series with second-generation operating system, LED mitv Internet TV; Konka announced five new series of network Rui; Hisense also issued a realization of the Internet functions, 3D technology and LED backlight in one of the T29 series of new products.

With policies and opening up, major manufacturers of active promotion, Internet TV 2010 is no doubt high-speed development, the proportion will further increase sales. But while the market was already dawn, but not everything is as desired, the first Internet television is still a lot of obstacles on the road-way street:

1, radio and television grip control of the monopoly status was questioned

In January 2010, the State Council decided to speed up the telecommunications network, radio networks and Internet triple play, while the global market, the development of Internet television is in full swing.

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