Film Noir

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Film Noir
Image by Louish Pixel
6 Lights.

Alienbee B800 with 30 degree grid on back left middle facing girl in red and man in middle.
Alienbee B800 with 20 degree grid on front left top facing down at cards and chips in middle of table.
Alienbee B800 no grid directly behind man in middle.
Canon 580ex II on back right table height facing chips in middle and hitting the arm of the man in the middle.
Canon 430ex II on middle left table height hitting white chips on table.
Canon 580ex II a few fit above our head inches away from white ceiling to give a little fill.
Canon 430ex II with snoot on left front middle facing man in middles hand of cards.

Camera was a 5D Mark III with 70-200mm f/2.8L II up high at ceiling height, facing down. Triggered with remote. Smoke machine to make smoke. Colors are all natural, just lowered all saturation on all colors except red and blue.

Filming with Sand Pipers
Image by Paul Williams (Iron Ammonite)

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