Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves

http://www.facebook.com/ScienceReason … Science@NASA: EMS Electromagnetic Spectrum (Episode 2) – Radio Waves The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of a…

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21 comments to Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves

  • Chris Nikolajsen  says:

    Hmm how can electromagnetic waves travel in space if there is “no” matter??

  • amogh kaushik  says:

    science is interesting. I like it. ?

  • Omar Alahmad  says:

    the radio waves speed = speed of light so they discovered a starts(quasars)
    10 billion light year away and the daammmmm radio waves is only 100 years
    old ,,, can some one explain please ?

  • ch0bits  says:

    Where can i find guys the episode 2 of this??

  • Dejan Jankovi?  says:

    Long Live Nikola Tesla !!! 1st Inventor of radio!?

  • Stephen Dickens  says:

    lll tell you something amazing about radio waves, as most know its a form
    of light, however most assume this light does not reflect off of the human
    body, but in fact it does, more so then not. Have you ever walked by the
    radio tuned to some radio station and the sound of the radio fade or make a
    hiss sound? How about even back in the day when tv was on the air? Its all
    the same effect, radio waves are blocked or rather bounced at another
    angle, making the station your listening to go lower or hiss. Now if you
    take this further, you can imagine where the technology relating to that
    will go, and already has to some extent. Radio waves can be used to “see”,
    behind walls, next door, around the globe even with the proper equipment.
    Now there is something to think about, talk about your all seeing eye lol?

  • Danny Munoz  says:

    @Omar Alahmad The radio waves were propagated 10 billion years ago.?

  • Ghena Moscalenko  says:

    Wow… nothing about Tesla… sad, NASA, sad…?

  • Jonathan Snyders  says:

    This must be the cause of why people are being cooked in their homes. It
    was Macaroni signal sent into space then aliens landed in area 51 n decided
    to cook us with radiow waves back from outer space. Thank you NASA all
    along i figured it was Europe. ?

  • David Sunn  says:

    Interesting video!

  • An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' Quantum Atom Theory an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics  says:

    Thanks! We seem to have a Universe of electrical potential of continuous
    creations continuously coming into existence photon by photon with the flow
    of EM fields within an infinite number of ref-frames. This is a universal
    process from the largest object to the smallest creature all will create
    their own ref-frame their own future. Even you as you respond to this
    comment your action will be relative to the electrical activity in your
    brain within your own created ref-frame.

  • garsidejamesgarside  says:

    hi julia

  • broodyart  says:

    I don’t know the answer to this. But is anyone trying to detect ir., uv.,
    or gamma, x-ray variations for signals that aren’t natural? It would make
    more sense to me to transmit signals in light. [ Like the little toy balls
    that hang on strings ] Through the light, pulses should be able to be
    transmitted, I’m quessing, possible gamma range? But have we made such
    recievers, that can detect something that fast? I just think that the
    length vs expansion would be more efficient?

  • daeamarth  says:

    Some thoughts… The radio transmissions would likely not be
    omnidirectional as only the exposed part of the sky would receive the
    broadcast. Do radio waves really transmit at the speed of light in space?
    Thought that was only in a perfect vacuum. What about signal degradation? I
    really question if someone would have heard us yet. Guessing all of these
    has been brought up. I’ve done zero research on it.

  • Carl Contino  says:

    i’ve heard stories of people who have metal in their mouth or on their body
    and drive past a radio station…. they hear the music.

  • Paul Zaffuto  says:


  • lostbuffalo  says:

    @kurentmalik Another thing not widely known about Tesla is that he invented
    the transistor, the diode, the field effect transistor and on and on. Study
    his work in vacuum tubes. These components are developments of Tesla’s
    vacuum tubes by simply replacing the vacuum in the tube with a semi
    permeable layer of silicon between the cathodes gates and anodes. the
    architecture and function of ic components is identical to Tesla’s vacuum
    tube patents right down to the rare earth elements used.

  • LIFESKEY  says:

    @TAz69x I found this in a book. I think it is a much more scientific
    explanation of what we call ‘God’ actually is… Ztingar has often heard it
    said that God is invisible and can never be seen. Thinking about this now
    has him contemplating about the vast amounts of information that is
    constantly being conveyed via electromagnetic waves and he sees this as
    possible proof of how an invisible almighty state of God could actually
    exist. In ither words, a conscious intellegence within Life

  • Petro Jenkins  says:

    Execute them.?

  • Edwin B  says:

    lol..so the chinese hide their mouth area to hide identification, haha 🙂
    because their eyes look all the same :-D?

  • kenya sasa  says:

    we have gone East?

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