8 comments to Drama Showrunners Roundtable: Violence on Television

  • nar0099  says:

    I didn’t say that. I said the best? people they can get.

  • EllisCarver  says:

    Can hardly say they got the best people, seeing that they got? someone from The Following.

  • nar0099  says:

    It may well do. But I want to listen to the best people they can get; shoehorning in someone of a minority for the sake of diversity? isn’t right.

  • EllisCarver  says:

    People of a different race or gender bring a different perspective. It makes the roundtable? more entertaining.

  • Ines Tambunting  says:

    they should shut up and let? Weiss talk

  • nar0099  says:

    Why should they try to? They should just get the showrunners of the best shows that they can irrespective of gender or? race.

  • arthasudra  says:

    Weiss is probably thinking. It’s cute you all are discussing death. ?

  • WhoJackman  says:

    You couldn’t find one female or minority? showrunner?

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