Cooking Shows on Television ? What Can You Expect?

A cooking show has always been basically a television or radio program that features food preparation. Usually, a celebrity chef who cooks in a kitchen inside a studio set hosts the show. Over the course of the program, the chef will prepare various dishes. He or she will also go through the various processes and different stages of cooking with the audience. Cooking shows on television are quite popular. They are often meant to be educational as well as entertaining. Usually, the chef host provides instructions on how to cook various dishes in every episode.

The Modern Cooking Shows on Television

Cooking television shows are intended to create a fictitious reality in an attempt to strengthen network viewer’s base beyond the show itself. This offers a connection between the network through the celebrity chef and the audience.

Although cooking shows on television rarely achieve top ratings, they are still quite popular. In truth, they are likely one of the most watched daytime shows. They have become popular staples of daytime programs. It is not really surprising that many networks feature cooking shows. They can fill an hour of daily programming with these shows and they are assured of good ratings. Cooking shows on television are also easy to produce because they are significantly cheaper to set up as well.

The Hosts of Cooking Shows

Many cooking shows on television have run for several seasons now. Many of these are locally sponsored. The chefs hosting these shows seemingly share one characteristic – they are all interestingly flamboyant. They exhibit unique personalities that effectively drive the ratings. All of them offer something different to their viewing audiences. One of these chefs is Alton Brown of the Food Network who basically explores cooking as a form of science. He also educates the viewers about the history behind various foods. He also teaches the audience about the benefits and drawbacks to purchasing certain kitchen equipments.

There are cooking shows on television that focuses on homemade dishes or meals that can be made easily at home. Some shows features special segments like food recycling. There are segments that offer tips on how to choose the right appliances, tools and equipment. Every show has its own theme. Over the years, watching these shows has become part of people’s daily habits. As a result, Alton Brown among other chefs hosting cooking shows on television became celebrities.

Today’s Top Cooking Shows on Television

Some of today’s cooking shows that are worthy of note include Iron Chef of America, Top Chef, Throw Down with Bobby Flay, Guy’s Big Bite and Dinner Impossible.

Chef Bobby Flay of Chef of America has his own show as well and this is the Throw Down with Bobby Flay. Every week, the show features a specialty chef who usually is led to believe by the show that he or she is shooting an episode for the Food Network. Chef Flay will then show up and give the “victim chef” a surprise challenge.

The Iron Chef of America is a Sunday cooking show. This is basically a reality show where the challenger takes on one of the shows five celebrity chefs which include Bobby Flay. The challenger and one of the chefs will then enter into one-hour cooking competition. The show producers will provide the ingredients. They will then whip up a meal using the ingredients they are provided with. What makes this exciting is that the competitors have no idea what ingredients would be given to them.

Another reality cooking show is Dinner Impossible which is hosted by Chef Michael Symon. Basically, the show features a chef who will cook a gourmet meal for a large crowd at a moment’s notice. The chef is usually given up to six hours to prepare and cook the dishes.

One of the most popular cooking shows on television today is the Top Chef. Every week, the contestants are given 10 minutes to cook a dish. A chef guest will then judge the dishes and proclaim a winner. A contestant is eliminated every week until only one is left. The winner wins the title of Top Chef and the cash prize.

There are actually several reality cooking shows. However, if you want your basic cooking show where an interesting chef teaches you some cooking stuffs, you should watch Guy’s Big Bite. This show is hosted by Chef Guy Fien. His personality certainly makes the whole show interesting.

There are still other interesting cooking shows on television. These daily programs have certainly changed the concept of cooking shows but they are still interesting. You can still learn a lot of things from these shows and you can still expect to be entertained.

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