19 comments to Clash of Clans – TV Commercial!

  • Body&Soul  says:

    Guys can i play this game on my pc ??

  • Adrian Powel  says:

    I have tried everything but for me only this worked, go to:
    if you cant do it i can help you, write me your IGN here?

  • patricia Hampel  says:

    I started playing this and now am addicted…. already spent 100 bucks of
    my paypal money. EEEk!!?

  • Hyson Mitchell  says:

    The bomder is a Lil racist but I’ll take it ?

  • Francisco Taboada  says:

    The base had a rush town hall?

  • Lemmypemmy  says:

    Why are there ads for a mobile game?

  • Daniel CarreƱo  says:

    fucking shit game?

  • Laith Al-bdyri  says:

    The wall breaker goes through all that trouble just to die twice plus his
    life means nothing cause he a game character and he only lives in the army
    camp for 5 minutes.. talk about a sucky life?

  • LuigiDude16's Channel  says:

    most crappy town hall 7 base ever :P?

  • brightfire12345  says:

    I don’t know why the archers said more barbarians if hog rider is way
    better then barbarians, weird?

  • lego huang  says:

    The game does not look like that…?

  • Trent Greencrepper  says:


  • Barbarian King  says:

    so is this the official comercial??

  • KingLandon  says:

    You should try the tool at:
    I just tested it and i got 999000
    only this really works, get it now ?

  • jasonguyperson  says:

    Yeah, I wish the Wallbreakers were that tenacious..?

  • Kairi Noruma  says:

    They need to make more funny commercials. ?

  • NecessaryEvil25  says:

    That whole attack was bullshit?

  • TheRealArchAngel  says:

    Maybe a strange question but who is the voice actress for the Archer? (she
    sounds familiar)?

  • Advait chatterji  says:

    Did someone say Hawg Ridaa?
    Hawg Rida?
    Aw I thought you said Hawg Rida… Waaaaaaahhh!
    I love the Hogs?

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