22 comments to Childish Gambino – Sober (Audio)

  • nicholifavs  says:

    kinda sound like a young micheal jackson?

  • Brandon Waskiewicz  says:

    People giving Gambino shit for wanting to have some fun on STN MTN.

    I guess we all forgot about Royalty. smh.?

  • jihnel santo domingo  says:

    American music fans = always comparing who’s a better artist
    International music fans = Appreciate any type of music ?

  • Frostedzeo  says:

    Ooh, didn’t even know he had a new ep.?

  • DihStyle69  says:

    i respect childish gambino – because the internet was pretty good and all –
    but kauai ep was the only think i did enjoy from this new project. the
    hooks and production on the mixtape were pretty bad for the most part and
    he got lazy in terms of flow. he could’ve done much better, especially for
    an album dedicated to atlanta!
    *EDIT: guys, listen up! i’m talking about the stn mtn/kauai project as a
    whole.. kauai ep is good, i know that! i think he should try experimental
    r&b, i think he’s great at it, as i already stated. i just don’t fuck with
    the mixtape at all, it’s a zero for me.. i don’t like his flow, his lyrics,
    the content, nothing!*?

  • Vital Witness  says:

    So many fake gambino fans now?

  • Diviine Rap  says:

    Gambino is making moves, I’m trying to get noticed as a rapper as well,
    mind checkin me out? please drop a sub if you enjoyed it.?

  • Kathy Belloso  says:

    finally a new song ?

  • Patrick Swayge  says:

    The drop in this song is something else holy shit. I was vibing to this off
    of Pandora recently and I had never heard the drop of the song but it
    really cements it as a top-notch song. I know the Grammy-Nom is for Because
    the Internet, but Childish impresses me with every track he’s been putting
    out these past two years. Impressive.?

  • Apex Animal  says:

    Ya i couldn’t believe how much this dude blew up, back in 06 I remembered
    the “Bro Rape” skit they did in College, fucking hilarious?

  • Scolded  says:

    jaden smith?

  • Ichigo Kurosaki Kurosaki FK  says:

    Lol, I never heard him make a song like this before?

  • Nihgee Eddington  says:

    my boy asked me do I listen to Gambino I said no, but now im going to hop
    on the bandwagon cause im convinced he is TRULY talented becuz he can make
    good music nice wordplay lyrical n i love soulful music?

  • AndroidDoctorr  says:

    So many fake DerrickComedy fans now?

  • Parawhore34  says:

    ian eastwood please dance to this song?

  • Arran Chander  says:

    I hope he brings out a video to this !!!?

  • Lloyd Maliakal  says:

    Love this song. Very catchy when I am driving in my car.?

  • Tee Jay  says:

    This track is solid. Shout out to my students for putting me on to this.?

  • muse d  says:

    now am soo high?

  • Jade Gittens  says:

    And now I’m so high~ yeah,


  • Aniya Johnson  says:

    I luv luv luv this song ?????????????????????????

  • x73aNdit  says:

    There at times where I listen to Gambino and somehow I get a melancholy
    feel and I love it ?

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