Carlsberg – Fan Academy (New television commercial)

Have you got what it takes to become an Academy graduate, join online at To prepare England fans for the eagerly anticipated UE…
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In public and off-camera, Harpo and Chico were difficult to recognize by their fans without their wigs and costumes, but it was almost impossible to recogniz…
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33 comments to Carlsberg – Fan Academy (New television commercial)

  • Dylan Thinnes  says:


  • CJ Martin  says:

    pyscho with the penalties love it

  • Paul McSweenie  says:

    Police Academy theme in background!!

  • zinon7777  says:

    english summer hahahah

  • Dylan Thinnes  says:

    0:44 eh? haha!

  • AviciiBeat  says:

    thumbs up for “English Summer”

  • jibbrabba  says:

    Flob alob alob.

  • jbrodie28  says:

    not bitter, we can just laugh at ourselves a little 🙂

  • DerWatcherZero  says:

    Brian Blessed ‘LOUDER, Only 87 minutes to go!’ lol

  • james brown  says:

    we may not have the best football team but we always make the best
    football adverts

  • Pikachu Trainer  says:

    615 dislikes from Argentina

  • brannlyn  says:

    Maradona cleaning up England as usual

  • vhcandiani  says:

    Bentley! Bentley!!! Rooney! Rooney!!!

  • Simone Simmonds  says:

    Does England only have white fans?

  • Alan Heath  says:

    I think England fans need to drink as much Carlsberg as possible. That may
    take their minds off the defeats to come ……!!

  • püsür  says:

    Turkish Delight – English Summer 🙂

  • hugowolf456  says:

    Maradonna mopping the floor. I like that!

  • Andrés Djordjalian  says:

    Funny ad, specially the (complete) lyrics on the blackboard and the scene
    at 1:05. I think it’s only fair that Maradona cleans the floor for English
    football fans. It would be paying forward a debt, as English players did
    that for him, back in 1986, while he was running to score that second goal.
    🙂 Greetings from Buenos Aires!

  • dombomzaum  says:

    Funny hahah

  • Cleaner0x  says:

    Indiana Jones theme song makes this even more epic !!

  • duffmanjunior  says:

    Why the hell are people disliking this!? It’s genius.

  • taraszp  says:

    Can you spot the sign which says: “Chicken Kiev”? The best advert ever!

  • barbi fletcher  says:

    It’s funny that you guys have to learn how to be fans. aaaaaaaw, so cute.

  • Dave Moffat  says:

    Olympic coach at Berlin in 36 and he didn’t mention Jessie Owens? What the

  • Roxanne Fleetwood  says:

    Horrible subtitles, wow.

  • STRATMAN firdaus  says:

    Thanks very much for the upload. Can you please upload more of Groucho’s
    You Bet Your Life. Love Groucho, his wit will never be beaten.

  • Mark Van Hine  says:

    Wow… 200 Horse Power!

  • Jerkwad152  says:

    “I like that joke. It’s not funny, but it’s sincere.” hahahahahahaha

  • razorsnbeats  says:

    Leotard? Isn’t that something like a slow person? Too funny for words.

  • Christina Lacey  says:

    I gotta have that 1955 De Soto NOW!!!!

  • PilotsOffice  says:

    Truly amazing comedian. Best ever.

  • starlite2991  says:

    i am in love wit the Desoto car!

  • markfamilyguuuy  says:


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