Bigfoot Hotspot Radio EP30 Call in show

Join Will Jevning, Wes Germer and Woody Pratt as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing somet…
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André Rieu – New York Radio City Music Hall Part-2 (HD Full Concert) Musicas – Trackist : 1- Singin’ In The Rain 2- The Washington Post 3- Oh Happy Day 4- Th…

31 comments to Bigfoot Hotspot Radio EP30 Call in show

  • Henry Wilson  says:

    Great show, I enjoy listening. ?

  • MoonwaterGoddess  says:

    I wonder if David Paulides has the story of the girl in his book? I would
    like to know more about what happened to her? There are missing people all
    across this nation, even in other countries that happens in the National
    Parks, but it’s very strange cases.?

  • Gary Mike  says:

    Episode 29??????????? ?

  • Joshua A. Ryan  says:

    you shoulg play it noy just play the audio… guys have some work to

  • Razzors Edge  says:

    wish I would have an encounter while I was hunting ,,,I would have a new
    rug lol?

  • michael norwood  says:

    Almost another week down and no new episode(EP31). Geeezz.?

  • David Regan  says:

    No shoes is in! Gets my vote.?

  • joel vega  says:

    curly curly curly curly curly!! im selling no shoes curlys paper pants on
    ebay right now!! high bid $35,000!! big freeking bucks for my next mt st
    helens ape canyon expedition!! ?

  • Mark Marlowe  says:

    Love listening to your shows. I listen mostly with my I’m
    disappointed when I go to listen to a new episode and find it is set for
    ‘PC’ listening only. Any chance you can reset the ‘PC’ only episodes to
    allow mobile listening also? Would be greatly appreciated. ?

  • willythewave  says:

    Man I was getting worried… didn’t post this sunday. LOL?

  • NateO1984  says:

    lol I was getting worried too but HERE W E are NOW !@!!! lol I love this
    show so much thanks again guys please never stop!!?

  • ebaywheatman  says:

    I heard this. Isn’t it from last week or another week? Seems like I just
    heard this. Weird?

  • msvick66  says:

    Have any of you (Will, Woody or Wes) worked with a good sketch artist to
    sketch out what you saw? I would so love to see that. I’d even like to just
    see a detailed sketch of this thing’s right foot since the memory is still
    quite vivid. ?

  • Alison Kendrick  says:

    Um….yeah where’s 29??

  • Txapua Amancio  says:

    Hi guys , i do like yo say that i am a green baret from brazilian arm i
    live my life up to 13 years ago at the rain forest at north pf Brazil, on
    top of that i lived with indians at the jungle for must of my life, and let
    me tell you something i have never listen to any so scary as the sound of
    the screams of the show number 30, o just want say wow to that, there is no
    animal in any jungle that i have walk that could have done that.?

  • CapnSchep  says:

    Love this show,,,Awesome…!!?

  • gothling1955  says:

    Wow, a truly excellent show, just like always. I really enjoyed this
    extended edition, too. Nicely done, guys! Still, regardless of the given
    running time, I’m hopelessly hooked and deeply fascinated. It’s so
    refreshing to hear what amounts to “the real deal” — as opposed to the
    vast array of utter foolishness, which otherwise pollutes the general topic
    elsewhere out there. We can all be especially appreciative of Will’s
    regular input, with his much valued experience and knowledge base, he
    clearly has a genuine knack for gauging what’s authentic, and what’s not. I
    always look forward to your latest upload!?

  • Scott Beesee  says:

    I know you did not want an open forum this week, but it was really a good
    show. I felt that all who shared their experiences were telling the truth,
    I was happy when none of the guests tried faking a story! Wes, and Woody,
    you guys deserve to be called the #1 place to share your encounter, keep up
    the good work!?

  • eurosafe1  says:

    Hi Guys, enjoying your show down under Qld Aust , keep up the good work.?

  • Brian Wilson  says:

    Always great guys…thanks for ur hard work…cheers!?

  • joel vega  says:


  • Joshua A. Ryan  says:

    Will you should host the show not wes…. sorry wes but Will is better.?

  • transientdreams  says:

    Really?? Barely 5 stories in 2 hours and a host that keeps reminding us of
    how much he “Hates these type of shows”?? Painfully unprofessional and very
    poor use of time. Repetitively painful as callers say the same thing over
    and OVER again because the host is truly the shits. Sorry, but he should be
    replaced ASAP. Jaded and disinterested, and all the enthusiasm of damp corn
    meal. This is is my first listen and the stagnation here is stanky-ripe.
    Too bad. Great callers like this deserve better. ?

  • guitarananda  says:

    The question remains – what does our mind have to do with the nature of
    these encounters if anything?

    I feel compassion for people having scary encounters. I have been very
    lucky so far. My only experience was not threatening. I have spent a long
    life visiting remote forests and trails but I like to leave the forest at
    night now. I say I am avoiding bears but really … Women should not go
    alone. Children should always be watched.

    We know little about these beings. It makes sense to be respectful and

  • leonel LASARTE  says:


  • tereza adelia Molnar  says:

    Maravilhoso. Obrigado pela bellissima postagem. Carinho sempre amigo

  • johanna dolores castro castro  says:

    me emociona en mi churcha un domingo en el san pedro de mis suenos con mis

  • Shierley Miller  says:

    When someone says that music can put people together, this must be what the
    music sounds like. Beautiful, extravagant, yet humble. Andre and his team
    are the best! I can’t recall enjoying any performances more than this.
    Thank you for posting this on YouTube. I can only imagine how it felt to be
    in the Radio City Hall that night. Amazing!?

  • Jerry Aschermann  says:

    Outstanding… With all of his concerts, Andre combines “local music” with
    that of the traditional music that his orchestra does. Andre is an
    incredible showman in the way the group is dressed and performs. Thank
    goodness for Andre we can listen to some great music. 🙂

  • Aaron Vince  says:

    Peaceful thought:) : why always ppl outside of America makes Americans
    happy and successful …(?) 🙂 ?

  • canarino78  says:


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