Best And Fastest Lcd Tv Repair Guide!

Best And Fastest Lcd Tv Repair Guide!

If you want to get started in LCD TV repair and or electronics repair than this is a good book for you. Maybe you have a broken LCD TV sitting at home and you want to repair it yourself. No matter who you are or what your reason is for wanting to repair LCD TVs, you have come to the right place. Order any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you complete your purchase you will be able to download a copy of this 195 page guide immediately, unless of course you would rather order this book in a wire-bound paperback style instead it’s your choice.

LCD TV Repair Guide

Liquid Crystals
Liquid Crystal Displays
The Power Supply Board
The Inverter Board
The Main Board
The Controller/T-Con Board
The LCD Driver Board
The Standby Circuit
The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
Test Equipment
Schematic Diagrams
Understanding and Testing Resistors
Understanding and Testing Capacitors
Understanding and Testing Inductors
Understanding and Testing Transistors
Understanding and Testing Diodes
Understanding and Testing Bridge Rectifiers
Understanding and Testing LEDs
Understanding and Testing Switching Transformers
Understanding and Testing Opto-Isolators
Understanding and Testing Voltage Regulators
Understanding and Testing Switches
Understanding and Testing Fuses
Some Testing Tips
Useful Formulas
How To Disassemble An LCD TV
Voltage Test Points
The Tap Test
Freeze Spray and Hair Dryers
Connection Problems
PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
Inverter Board Failures
Main Board Failures
No Video
No Audio
OSD/Menu Failure
White Screen
Rainbow Screen
Screen Flashes Then TV Shuts Down
No Back light
Lines In Picture
Cracked Panel
LCD TV Repair Case Histories
Further Reading
Parts Distributors


Set had vertical colored lines and no OSD.

Takes some time to power on and when it is on there are red dots throughout the picture.

Unit cycles on and off for minutes before coming on.

No power, Power LED turns blue to amber then off, may be intermittent.

No power, fuse blown.

No back light.

No audio.

No power, no standby LED.

Power LED lights but set does not come on.

LCD TV Repair Guide

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