Barriers for Men to Ejaculate More

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About one in four men have problems of inadequacy in their semen volume and want to ejaculate more. Normally men are able to produce about 1.5 to 5.5 mL of sperm per ejaculation with an average of 2 mL. A semen volume below 1.5 mL is indicative of hypospermia (from the combining forms hypo, which translates to under or below normal and spermia, which means condition of producing seed or sperm cells).

Only a small percentage of men who have hypospermia are born with low semen volume either because of their parent/s carrying a gene for such problem or because of developmental problems occurring before birth. A large portion of men develop hypospermia because of lifestyle factors. To be able to ejaculate more, men must be able to determine which lifestyle factors have possibly led to the problem to be able to modify them or find the right solutions. The below lists the top lifestyle causes of low semen volume:

1) Obesity. A number one obstacle of your ability to ejaculate more is having a body weight of 20 percent over what is considered normal. The relation of obesity and low semen volume has been proven by several scientific studies. This is caused by the reduction in the blood flow to the reproductive organs because of fat deposition in the arteries. Because blood nourishes the cells, having inadequate supply of blood can lower semen volume.   

2) Substance abuse. This can either be smoking, alcohol abuse, and consumption of illegal drugs. These substances alter many of the bodily processes, introduce harmful chemicals, and/or deplete many of the nutrient reserves of the body. Aside from impeding your ability to ejaculate more, substance abuse can also lead to other health problems as well.

3) Stress. Because production of sperm cells and semen is controlled by hormones, stress can highly affect semen volume. Dealing with stress is a mental process mediated by the effects of the sympathetic nervous system. To prepare the person to face any stressor, the body speeds up many of its processes. If sustained, this can lead to fatigue, which can in turn affect the production of hormones such as FSH and LH.  

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