BAFTA Television Awards Winners in 2014: Supporting Actress

Sarah Lancashire talks with Jenni Falconer backstage at the Arqiva British Academy Television Awards in 2014 after winning the Supporting Actress BAFTA for h…
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6 comments to BAFTA Television Awards Winners in 2014: Supporting Actress

  • SANDFLY2007  says:

    Glad she won but Nicola Walker gave the best performance in LTIH.

  • polly foo foo  says:

    last tango/halifax is a great show and all the acting is outstanding!?

  • Rachel B  says:

    Sarah definitely deserved the award! She’s a brilliant actress and a lovely
    woman x?

  • Becca Riley  says:

    i was SO happy! shes so talented. especially in the Drama on the BBC right
    now called Happy Valley!?

  • Shannon Ennis  says:

    An amazing, nuanced performance from a lovely actress. WELL DONE!?

  • tara pam  says:

    Sarah : “Nina Sosanya, if you ever get the chance to kiss her, do. You
    won’t be disappointed “?

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