Back to the Start

Coldplay’s haunting classic ‘The Scientist’ is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson for the soundtrack of the short film entitled, “Back to the St…
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Tom Odell - Another Love (Short Film)

From the album Long Way Down – available for pre-order now. iTunes:… Amazon:……
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  • Benedicte Risloow  says:


  • Pete Jimenez  says:

    I did and? they look tasty.

  • Coyosso  says:

    because that hamburger is muscle tissue from a living cow that has the ability to suffer and likely lived a cruel life consisting of sensory deprivation, outright pain infliction (de-horning, mastitis),? and a potentially torturous death that may have included being murdered and even skinned alive when the captive-bolt stunning doesn’t work… I don’t give a shit how good a hamburger tastes. I am not going to be a part of that. Watch ‘Earthlings’ on youtube for free to see the horrible truth.

  • Julia K  says:

    Yes, Chipotle’s ad is a smooth, feel-good step to absolve you of guilt at eating a sentiment animal, and mercifully for the meat-eater, stops short of saying outrightour “meat” deserves better treatment and gets it but we’re still going to kill it.” Absolving? people of guilt pays off.

  • Julia K  says:

    If so, why not strive to do what some seafood/lobster eateries do that have access to fresh product; “Meet your Meat”. Restaurants on the grounds of cattle containment facilities? Yum…How about a café where fried chicken is served shortly after you stroll through the backyard and pick out…I’ll have that one there, the one looking? at me.

  • Julia K  says:

    When asked about the mgn “due to supply shortage, this (Chipotle) restaurant is currently serving conventionally named steak. We’ll be back to own unconventional ways, that supply naturally? raised meat.”
    But it probably helps the bottom line. If humanly raised meat, is so much better, with the animals not given hormones, antibiotics, force feeding, allowed to live in a more “humane” way, with some socialization, of the really are healthy and happier -So it is better to eat happy flesh?

  • Julia K  says:

    Or perhaps the boy looked at the pig and thought, “Why should I eat you?” Photos supplied in product bags portray bucolic photos of chickens and pigs. No doubt the pictures were taken at farms. How loyal is? their commitment to responsibly cause “A Chipotle Spokesperson clarified “We do see some disruptions from time to time.”

  • Julia K  says:

    Is it effective? Well, if eating a purported “happy” animal who supposedly has a little taste of real life is better? than eating an imprisoned sentiment being. Squeamy about eating meat? We’ll help you feel a little better about it! If Willie Nelson, the epitome of country music, down home wholesome and by golly, patriotic American, why if Mr. Nelson sings about it, Chipotle all that bad. Was that the lone pig left with the family at the end?

  • Pete Jimenez  says:

    how can you? say no to a hamburger!? Kill those fucking cows and eat well my friend.

  • Alison Yoo  says:

    I cried..this is cool?

  • pjmont3  says:

    I liked it up until? I saw chipotle lol

  • 304person  says:

    there is a difference, most factories are torturous; the problem isn’t eating meat, the problem is the way in which? the meat is killed and prepared, thats where the focus needs to be on. ur not gonna convince people to stop eating meat because its mean to animals -.- wtf we’re omnivores we need easy protein just like any other omnivore or carnivore – TARGET THE EVIL INDUSTRY not the meat eaters

  • ZombieKassie  says:

    This made me? tear up a little

  • Tertulio Eustaquio  says:

    Damn!!! Someone? has the tab to this cover??

  • Joe Johnson  says:

    SOOOOO Chipotle is trying to look like good guys now? GIVE ME PHUGGIN BREAK. The company was busted for using ILLEGAL labor not long ago and undercutting OUR AMERICANS. Probably explains why my? GF and me got sick! Fuck them. They? are not a moral authority.

  • meghoughtongilmour  says:

    please have a quick look at? my channel and watch my stop motion films! I only need 25 views to reach 5,000 and it would mean the world to me! thank you 😀

  • Andrea Acosta  says:

    Makes me? laugh all the time

  • emphster  says:

    Furthermore, truly sustainable closed-loop farming (for some fact-based illustration, look up biodynamic certification standards or Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms ) all but demands that produce and livestock be raised in unison. And before you tell me that those methods cannot feed the world, consider that our current trajectory is clearly failing by? many calculations, be they based on social justice, ecology, population growth, soil science, etc.

  • emphster  says:

    Speaking as a farmer? raising organic certified produce as well as pastured hogs and laying hens, I beg to differ. We do not auction off our male piglet – we raise them ethically and humanely from birth to slaughter, in an environment that fufills their natural instincts and need. The sows are visibly relieved come weaning time, and the piglets/weaners are utterly delighted to have total access to the pure grains we feed. Did you know a piglet begins ‘rooting’ within days of birth? Look up AWA.

  • MsTokies  says:

    to be honest it’s an ugly thing to say but i bet that carrot didnt want to be eaten either and it would have rather gone to seed so it could make more carrots. im not saying anythings wrong with vegans but belittling something that is for improving the welfare of animals and the earth is a? shame. i would rather see an improvement now then trying to cry about unrealistic goals now. maybe someday people wont eat meat at all but right now lets work towards improvement for animals

  • sophia darwin  says:

    Better than dont hug me? I’m scared

  • DJB4Trance  says:

    More “mini music films” at my YouTube link DJB4Trance. I’ve uploaded some short movies set to electronic / techno / trance music if anyone’s interested. A slightly different? audio-visual experience!

  • Joan Stewart  says:

    Dual advertising, good food in a better world. Treating the animals we eat with respect, let us hope that it? is not just a advert, carried out in reality!

  • mahki1118  says:

    Thanks? again for

  • Anyel Sarmiento  says:

    Mtv, push …. i? know

  • luis omar lara  says:

    I’m? lost..

  • alessio maselli  says:

    Mtv push thanks 🙂

  • Balazs Maro  says:

    I seem to have? fallen in love with this song. Can’t stop listening.

  • Sam Geology  says:

    The entire time: Boring
    The? entire time: O_O
    At the end: I must find the rest of his music.

  • quiteacatastrophe  says:

    I don’t see a problem with his paper use, but the examples you use are completely irrelevant. How can you compare needing to use toilet paper/reading a newspaper/doing something useful and a? man chucking around a lot of paper?!

  • skid glamers  says:

    Tom Odell tiene una? gran voz…Xx

  • skid glamers  says:

    Muy buen tema.. Me? encanto?

  • Efraím García  says:

    Now I think I finally get it.? Thank you

  • Atroglyph  says:

    Jesus? man, I was kidding. I’m sorry if I annoyed you. It was a joke.

  • Olivia Beale  says:

    To me, this is about someone changing. The other love and the missing person is the person that she used to be. The reason he runs is because she is not the person he fell in love with anymore and the posters are him trying to show her just how much she? has changed. She takes his hand at the end because she has finally understood just how much she has changed and wants to become the person she once was. That’s my interpretation, anyway 🙂

  • Prophet_97  says:

    what’s the meaning i don’t? get it

  • PembletonJr  says:

    You don’t have a printer then? Never use toilet paper? Read a news paper? Use napkins? Do you think it’s wrong that kids should draw and paint at home or school and create artwork? Do you know how much paper kids use? The video maybe used five packs? of A4 paper here, how do you know it wasn’t recycled paper? Sorry, it’s just such an easy pot shot as a critique without thinking there’s got to be some level of hypocrisy here. The makers of this video may have made a concerted effort to be green.

  • georgia96TV  says:


  • Walid "Hayve" Frih  says:

    Beautiful voice? 🙂

  • shining turtle  says:

    your interpretation is very nice and fitting ?

  • kandace wright  says:


  • Eri Monica  says:

    I prefer like the clip he sit on the couch and sing more than this. Cause I feel this is nonsense, I don’t like the man only know about love and find her in manny years. It’s not possible when u get a new one? u gotta fit in.

  • ProfessorBrianCox  says:

    I? prefer this to the other video.

  • littlemissmakeup01  says:


  • Atroglyph  says:

    And with that, he destroyed? the Amazon Rainforest.

  • mariacarmelarant  says:

    The story about his relationship with his ex that he misses so much. he misses her so much and how much he loved her. Another love… What is the story says that he still wants her, without the? girl unaware how much he cares. He was in pain when she found out so at the end , he showed her how much she is meant for him. r

  • gabriellaip7  says:

    he’s trying to get over a girl and he’s making posters searching for a new love, and then she comes, but he’s still kinda into his ex and.. yeah. hope you got it xo?

  • breanna foster  says:

    Is? he British

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