Audio Guitar Lessons

There are basically three methods of teaching/learning the guitar. Video which is the most popular and well liked by most people, book for someone who would like to self-teach for the most part and audio guitar lessons are overlooked by most musicians, but are an important part of any teaching session none the less.

Some good points on guitar lesson books are there content. You have a tendency to be more thorough
when you write something out because you recheck and reread your content where as with video you say what you have to say without a recheck or a need to check for misspellings and such. Also you’ll be less likely to rerecord a whole video just because you left a certain point out.

When watching just a video the problem is stopping and starting constantly so you can go back or pause to get the fingering just right. This is where audio such as a CD comes in very handy. Yes, it’s nice to be able to see what the tutor is doing but it can also be distracting when you need to HEAR the notes and keep the rhythm ect.

What someone wanting to learn guitar needs is a way to combine all those methods in a step by step way that works video with audio and book that is clear and concise. This is where a membership site is gold! It can give you benefits that the three methods alone could never come close to.

Along with incorporating audio, books and video; membership sites offer things like games to aid learning of musical notes for things such as recognizing notes by ear and tuning your guitar. Also free online consultation to students who may have specific concerns or problems to address. This is different from private instruction because you can ask day or night.

There are lots of membership sites on the internet these days for teaching audio guitar lessons along with all the other methods brought up in this article.

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